How to Play YouTube Videos On Apple CarPlay Display – No Jailbreak Needed

    Want to learn how to play YouTube, Netflix, or other videos on the Apple CarPlay Display of your car without any need for jailbreak? Read on!

    Apple CarPlay has received a lot of praise and for all the good reasons, particularly the fact that one doesn’t have to use their handsets when they drive.

    Besides ensuring safety, it means that one cannot run various video streaming applications such as Netflix and YouTube while driving. Obviously, you shouldn’t do that while you are parked up and are looking for a good pastime? Or, what’s the way around if you’re not driving and are sitting in the backseat of your vehicle wanting to enjoy your time with some of your favorite videos? Fortunately, you have a dongle to do that! And, you can make it work without having to jailbreak your iPhone.

    If you want it to work, your car should have a factory-installed OEM wired-CarPlay screen. And, if you’re in luck with that, you just need to add iCarPlayDongle X to enjoy all your favorite stuff on YouTube, Netflix, and more.

    Besides giving you a wireless CarPlay experience, this dongle also allows you to mirror through MirrorLink or AirPlay, enabling video streaming like Netflix and YouTube. That’s great, indeed!

    Here’s what this dongle can do for you:

    • Offers AirPlay Mirroring and MirrorLink functionality allowing you to mirror your device’s screen to the head unit of your car.
    • Mirroring enables you to play YouTube, Netflix, and other video streams from your handset through AirPlay or MirrorLink.

    Here you have all the features on offer:

    • Brings Wireless CarPlay feature to your vehicle that already comes with an inbuilt wired-CarPlay on its stock radio/head unit and doesn’t need you to go for a third-party option.
    • Allows you to play media directly from a USB drive.
    • Can work fine with other third-party wired-CarPlay radio/head units like Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine, etc.
    • Extends support for steering while functionality if the stock radio and wired-CarPlay of your vehicle have support for it.
    • Uses inbuilt microphone of your car to extend support for Hey Siri.
    • Allows multi-screen sizes.
    • Can work fine with all the latest iPhone models that came after iPhone 5.
    • Offers CarPlay support in iOS versions leading up to iOS 14.

    All this, and a lot more, is waiting for you! And, you can get all of that for only $184 now during the July 2021 sale. Just visit the iCarPlayDongle website right now and check out the new iCarPlayDongle X to see what’s on offer and make your purchase. It will completely change your CarPlay game, and you’ll love everything about it!

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