iOS 18: Know How to Hide and Lock Your Apps on iPhone

    Apple will replace iOS 17 software with the latest iOS 18 that is going to offer remarkable enhancements including app privacy and security. This is how iOS 18 allows you to hide and lock apps on iPhone.

    At times, you have installed certain apps that you do not want other people to see or know about and there can be different reasons for this.

    iOS 18 How to Hide and Lock your Apps On iPhone

    While there are certain moments when you don’t want anyone to access those apps without your awareness, even if you hand over your unlocked iPhone to them. In those situations, iOS 18 gives the solution, while hidden or locked apps won’t appear on notifications, spotlight, and others.

    This is how you achieve it:

    First step: tap and hold the application that you want to hide and lock

    Second step: Press require face ID

    Third step: Again, press require face ID or if obtainable, press Hide and Require Face ID (only the third-party apps could be hidden right now)

    iOS 18 know How to Hide and Lock Your Apps on iPhone

    Now, the app will be hidden or locked. In order to view the hidden apps, you can simply swipe from right to the left on Home screen till you discover the App library. After that, check the very last part of the list. There will appear a new hidden folder while a face ID test will be needed before it can be unlocked.

    Currently, the iOS 18 update is in developer beta and is expected to have a public beta release in July. The update will be rolled out to all iPhone users in the autumn.

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