iOS 18 Tipped to Get New Features Including AI Text Summarization and More

    Apple has been speculated for a long time for having plans to release major new AI features for individuals with iPhones as a part of iOS 18 software update in the coming months.

    We are now beginning to witness an increasing number of leaks related to what that would mean, while a recent report indicates that we can anticipate the new features of text summarization built inside Messages.

    iOS 18 tipped to get new features including AI text summarization and more

    The Messages App is considered as one of the widely used iPhone apps around the world and it is believed that iOS 18 will be witnessing its further improvement by AI.

    An AppleInsider report suggests that the information from other sources will also be included by AI, while it will choose phrases and keywords to find out the details of a message.

    Upon receiving text input, Apple’s on-device AI selects keywords and phrases within a text, designating them as text topics. Sentences containing explanations, descriptions, definitions, or those which denote varieties of objects are also isolated from the remainder of the text.

    The leak goes on to state that information including location, companies, and more will also provide additional context to the information presented by AI.

    All the appropriate data available is taken into consideration by the software while analyzing texts. It can classify and recognize entities including locations, people, and companies. For example, if a name pops up at the top of a text, it will be most likely for the software to identify it as an association with the writer of the text.

    In analyzing texts, the software takes into account all relevant information available. It can recognize and classify entities such as companies, people, and locations. For instance, if a name appears at the top of a text, the software will likely recognize the name as belonging to the text’s author.

    ios 18 tipped to get new features including AI text summarization and more

    If the plans that are expected from Apple to have are followed by it, then we can anticipate the announcement of a new iOS 18 software during the WWDC event that is going to take place on 10th of June. Afterwards, a beta program will be active for months before iOS 18 is made available to the public by Apple in September.

    September will be a major month for Apple with the latest software expected to be launched just prior to the release of iPhone 16, Apple Watch X, iPhone 16 Pro, and Apple Watch Ultra 3 if the rumors prove to be correct.

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