What Will Apple Watch Ultra 3 Bring in The Year Ahead?

    There have been abundant rumors regarding “Apple watch X”, which is expected to be an entirely rebuilt Apple watch for celebrating the tenth anniversary of the device.  Though, there is lack of information about what the next generation Apple Watch Ultra will have in store, so continue reading to gain insights into the details.

    Apple Watch Ultra 3 Speculations:

    In 2022, the first ever Apple Watch Ultra was launched as a stronger option for those who carry out intense physical activities, like deep sea diving or mountain climbing. Apple watch Ultra can tolerate the hardest environments. Its notable features that include extended battery duration and 49 mm size make it stand out as compared to other Apple watches.

    Apple Watch Ultra was updated in 2023 for its second generation, despite its completely diverse design that Apple has previously introduced. Though, the updated version has a small number of improvements, like a brighter display, a pretty faster chip, and enhanced ultra-wideband technology.

    Due to this reason, some people are wondering if Apple would prefer a two-year upgrade plan, or the company would be updating its Watch Ultra over the year ahead. Surprisingly, it seems like an Apple Watch Ultra 3 is going to arrive, but anything interesting is not expected.

    According to the reports by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (by MacRumors), Apple is planning to upgrade Apple Watch Ultra along a latest version later on in the year ahead. While according to Kuo, the Ultra 3 will be having “almost no” fresh features unlike the present generation. It was not specified clearly by the analyst about what should we expect from the latest version.

    The rumors related to Apple Watch X ( or the series 10) propose that it will have features like detecting sleep apnea and blood pressure sensor. If this is correct, then new features on Apple Watch Ultra 3 can also be expected.

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