iOS 15 Jailbreak On iPhone/iPad – Latest Status Update

    Looking for the latest iOS 15 jailbreak for your iPhone/iPad? Here we have all the details that you might be interested in if you want to jailbreak iOS15.

    With the new iOS 15 out now and available for the general public, you must be anxiously looking forward to having it on your iPhone/iPad. However, if you had put things on hold until the release of the iOS 15 jailbreak, things don’t look too gleam for you right now.

    As we write this, iPhone/iPad users don’t have any working jailbreak available for their latest devices. That’s a bit disappointing for anyone planning to buy the latest iPhone 13. But you are in luck if you have an older Apple device with you.

    As the famous checkra1n is a BootROM-based jailbreak, software can’t patch it. What that means is all devices including iPhone X and under can be jailbroken. So, no matter how many iOS versions are released, if you still own an iPhone X or below, you can jailbreak it without any problem. Just wait until checkra1n iOS 15 updates is released for iPhone X and older. It won’t take too long.

    Obviously, iOS 15 might very well be the last iOS update for all those devices. Make sure you have that in mind when choosing to upgrade to a newer device or sticking with the same iPhone/iPad.

    Besides, nobody can tell if the hackers will manage any newer iPhone models running the latest iOS 15. It is kind of a cat and mouse chase between Apple and jailbreakers that is going on for many years, and there are no signs of it stopping anytime soon.

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