Battery replacement of your iPhone from Apple is now going to be more expensive

    Apple has raised the price of battery replacement for its multiple iPhones, but those who own the most recent models will still charge the same price.

    It was even listed on Apple’s own website that the battery replacement charges are expanded for all iPhone versions older than the series of iPhone 14–as reported by 9to5mac, the prices of all of them have increased by $20.

    This alteration indicates that those iPhone battery replacements costing $69 normally will now cost $89 from the month of March, with iPhone 14 models remaining at the present $99 replacement cost that has been around since the selling of handsets in September.

    All iPhone batteries will be affected by this price hike, along with the earlier iPhone models such as iPhone 8.

    “Apple currently charges $69 for newer iPhone generations like iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone X. iPhone SE and iPhone 8 and earlier models are charged at $49. These prices will last until the end of February, and increase by $20 beginning March 1, 2023.”

    However, it seems that Apple has not yet raised the charges of its batteries which are available through its Self-service repair program, we can really expect this to occur in the following days or weeks. What Apple costs for its own in-house repairs is mimicked by these prices, showing that the price hike proposal is at hand.

    If you feel like your phone’s battery should be replaced, then perform this task now–otherwise, you’ll have to pay the increased price when the March price hike starts this March 1.

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