Did you know about a solar-powered boat? That becomes a camper on water

    POL Lux is a solar-driven boat which changes into a camper on the water’s surface. The shipping industry always produces amazing vehicles with beautiful designs and interiors. But this time, a new kind of watercraft is introduced into the boating market called POL Lux by Sweden, which charges by the sun.

    POL is a Swedish creation which desires to increase the longevity of electrical boats by including solar systems in their construction.

    POL Lux is the first-ever model of the company, which shows up with a solar situated on the top of its roof to get charged by the sun. The battery of the solar panel is continuously charged until the sun shines, irrespective of the fact that the boat is moving or not.

    The boat is 7.8 metres in diameter and it is constructed using catamaran architecture having a cork exterior. The driving posture of the boat is asymmetrical which allows more standardized choices for socially advanced sitting arrangements.

    Did you know about a solar-powered boat That becomes a camper on water

    The boat is not just a day sailor, but it is built in a way which allows it to travel at night also. That’s why it converts into a camper to offer a convenient journey to travellers at night. A custom saves the cabin from rain or prying eyes, and the benches turn into beds. There is also a hanging mattress in the cabin for accommodating extra guests.

    The company stated:

    “We created a flexible space, with modular components to allow for multiple configurations, encouraging you to use the space how you wish. Bring on board what you need, leave behind what you don’t.”

    Thus, this boat journey is surely going to be the best experience of your life. The perfectly managed architecture and amazing crafting designs of this boat make it worth travelling. The interior of the boat is also very well-organised.

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