How To Play Yotube, Netflix, And Other Videos On Apple’s CarPlay Without Jailbreak

    Apple’s CarPlay ensures safety when driving as you do not need to use your iPhone. But this also means that you can not stream videos on YouTube and Netflix. If you are parked and want to kill time streaming videos or if the person in the passenger’s seat or back seat is getting bored and wants to be entertained then there is a solution to stream Youtube and Netflix without jailbreak. If you think you would need a broken iPhone for that then that’s not the case at all.

    To avail of this feature, you will need to have a car installed with an OEM-wired CarPlay screen from the factory or if you have iCarPlayDongle X then it is also well and good. This turns your wired CarPlay experience into wireless and it also allows mirroring using AirPlay or MirrorLink, so you can stream your favorite content on Youtube and Netflix.

    To check if your car is compatible with this feature then kindly go through the compatibility page of the manual. This feature works in cars that have built-in wired CarPlay in the radio head unit. If you add MirrorLink and AirPlay mirroring, it would increase the functionality and you will be able to use your iPhone or Android device to run videos on the car’s head unit. You can also use a USB Drive to play media.

    This feature also works in cars that are installed with a third-party tired CarPlay from Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, and others. To check whether your third-party CarPlay unit supports this feature, go through the compatibility page in the manual. iCarPlayDongle X also assists Hey Siri using a built-in microphone. It assists all screen sizes, iPhones above iPhone 5, and all iOS versions up to the latest iOS 14.

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