Microsoft Authenticator App for Apple Watch will be stopped in the following month

    Various significant third-party apps have left WatchOS App store during the past few years, and it happens to be a continuous issue. Microsoft has now revealed that its two-step verification app called “Microsoft Authenticator” will not be a part of the Apple watch anymore.

    Microsoft Authenticator App for Apple Watch will be stopped in the following month

    Microsoft reported on a support webpage that the Microsoft Authenticator iOS App will be isolated from WatchOS through an update in January 2023.

    According to the company, the purpose of closing or disconnecting the WatchOS app is the incompatibility of the watch operating system with authenticator security features. Microsoft has also suggested that users uninstall Authenticator from their Apple Watch because it is likely to drop in the coming month.

    It is important to mention that this update will only occur in WatchOS versions of the system, which means that the users will still have access to Microsoft Authenticator on iPad and iPhone.

    As stated by the company:

    “In the upcoming Authenticator release in January 2023 for iOS, there will be no companion app for watchOS due to it being incompatible with Authenticator security features. This means you won’t be able to install or use Authenticator on Apple Watch. We therefore recommend that you delete Authenticator from your Apple Watch. This change only impacts Apple Watch, so you will still be able to use Authenticator on your other devices.”

    The WatchOS app was launched in 2018.

    Microsoft Authenticator:

    It is an app that allows users to sign in to their Microsoft accounts or related apps conveniently after activating two-step verification. It also releases one-time apply codes through which you can easily access your accounts without waiting for calls or text messages.

    This app is freely accessible on the App store. It works on iPhone 14 or recent versions.

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