How To Enable Netflix, YouTube Or Any IOS 14 App In Carplay

    The popularity of Apple’s CarPlay has grown significantly in recent times as most recent cars are now shipping with this feature enabled.

    Apple has already been playing its part for ensuring that CarPlay continues to improve with time, but still there’s a limitation that can drive you crazy as the feature doesn’t allow you to use all the apps.

    The standard CarPlay feature can be used with a particular type of apps on the big screen. This includes mapping and music apps, and for very obvious reasons, but that doesn’t include games or apps like YouTube and Netflix, for instance. Fortunately, you can now get your desired apps enabled to run in CarPlay with the help of a jailbreak tweak that goes by the name CarPlayEnable.

    The tweak is now available for free on Cydia, and allows you to run just about any app on your CarPlay screen. Still, however, you can’t run apps that use DRM.

    “Supports video and audio playback, including while the device is locked. Does not support DRM’d content (Hulu, Netflix, etc.). Supports running multiple apps at the same time (one on the device, one on CarPlay)”

    So, if you have always wanted to run your favorite apps in CarPlay, that’s probably the reason why you may want to go for a jailbreak. Want more reasons to jailbreak your latest iOS device, check out here. There are a lot of jailbreak tweaks out there that you may want to take advantage of.

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