Apple Park Causing A Hike In Real Estate Prices In The Surroundings

    Apple Park turns out to be the new campus for Apple and it is currently make quite a lot of buzz as well. And as Apple plans to descend 12000 employees to the area, Apple’s presence has certainly started impacting lives of the locals already. It’s both good and bad in one way or another.
    Recently a report has been published by New York Times that delves deeply into those changes and the way local residents are taking this.

    For housing all the employees that Apple plans to send to the Apple Park, it is expected for the new building to cover about 2.8 million sq. ft. area. This will also bring lots massive amounts of traffic to Sunnyvale that surrounds Apple Park. Even the construction work that has been done so far caused quite a lot of disruption in Birdland neighborhood. Even the people who want to take the photos as well as aerial footage are often seen asking locals for a chance to use their rooftops for just to have better a better view and position.

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    The onlookers capture photos from streetswhile TV helicopters keep circling above. The amateur photographers also request residents to let them stand on the driveways of their homes for operating the drones in the bid to capture a closer view of Apple Park. A local resident Ron Nielsen told that he just lets them to go ahead.

    Apple Park Causing A Hike In Real Estate Prices In The Surroundings
    People living in that are also reveal that their properties now worth much more as compared to what they used to be in the past. The reason behind is simply added interest in the area. Real estate agents in the area talked to New York Times and they were of the opinion that ever since the news has arrived that Apple will be moving to this area,prices have really started to rise. To compare, a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house that spanned over 1400 sq. ft. would cost around $750,000 in 2011. But now, this price has simply doubled up.

    Apple employees have already started to move to Birdland and many homeowners have already decided to shift to some of the quieter neighborhoods as well.

    With some of the Apple employees already working on-site, the construction phase will still continue and some of the buildings are expected to start operation this fall.

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