WhatsApp Working To Introduce Message Reactions Like iMessage And Other Similar Apps

    WhatsApp is currently working on some new features to allow users to react to messages like they do in other messaging apps. The new reactions feature will be similar to the one we already have in iMessage, and it is in the testing phase for WhatsApp at the moment.

    A recent report from WABetaInfo reveals that the current WhatsApp users will get a notification to update to the new version when they first get a reaction to a message and aren’t currently on the new WhatsApp Beta.

    “WhatsApp is really working on message reactions! Even if WhatsApp is an instant messaging app, this was a very unexpected move: recently we have seen a lot of new features, but it’s been a long time since we don’t see anything whole new about messaging. Today we can finally announce one of the first messaging features that’s coming on WhatsApp: reactions!

    When users receive a message that they need to update their current WhatsApp version to a newer Beta, it confirms that one of the app versions, at least, does extend support for message reactions.

    If there is any similarity between those reactions and the ones already available in various other apps, including Messages, the users can expect to get the ability to respond with emoji reactions to any incoming messages instead of sending a completely new reply.

    While we don’t have any clear idea as to when the new feature will be rolled out for all the WhatsApp users, it’s still good news for anyone who enjoys reacting in other apps.

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