Various iPhone models were tested through iOS 16.2 Battery life drain test

    Apple recently had iOS 16.2 public release, which ultimately ended the developer and public beta program. But the question arises should you download the update if you are concerned about the battery time?

    He came up with a YouTube video that allows you to test not just the iOS 16.2 version, but also other iOS models so that you can draw true results regarding your iPhone.

    The demonstration occurs from iPhone 8 to the latest iPhone 13 and all the results are plotted on a Graph. The video also features a comparison of results with other iOS versions so that you could get a fair idea about how the iPhone’s battery is influenced by these updates.

    In each test, the user has to wait for 24 hours for the iPhone to adjust after updating the system, and before holding the test, the brightness of all the devices was set up to 25%, auto-brightness was disabled, and the same settings were applied on all the devices. Note: All devices were given internet through the same WiFi source.

    We are not going to spill the results to you so make sure you check them out in the video to know about how to things work. But honestly, this time the conclusions were somewhat confusing.

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