Apple Return Policy – All Possible Returns And Refunds Explained

    Apple is a renowned brand in the world of technology and more often than not Apple products are quite dependable. However, gadgets are gadgets and anything can go wrong with them at any time. To make consumers safe when something does go wrong, there is an effective Apple return policy in place. So, if the product you bought from Apple develops some issue within a particular time frame, Apple makes it right with its return policies and warranty services.

    If the problem you are facing is a design or manufacturing defect, and wasn’t a result of intentional misconduct or user neglect, it is eligible for claim subject Apple return policy. So, if the product wasn’t damaged by you or some outside force, you should try to get it replaced or repaired from Apple itself. Let’s get into the details of return policy of Apple and different available options that have.

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    Standard Apple Return Policy

    There are certain situations that are covered under the standard Apple return policy. Let’s take a look at these.

    1. The Fourteen Days Return And Refund Window

    The Fourteen Days Return And Refun-Apple Return Policy

    Apple offers its customers a fourteen calendar days window for the returns and refunds. Any of your Apple products can be returned regardless of the reason within fourteen calendar days unless:

    • The product was personalized with custom engravings
    • The product was custom built
    • The problem was caused by your negligence

    The product can still be returned if it falls under the first two categories, but only if there is some legit issue like it was defective or incorrect. Return won’t be possible just because you didn’t like the product.

    It is also stated in Apple return policy that the company will assess 10% restocking fee. Worry not, however, as it is usually waived of is so requested. The fourteen-day return policy only applies when the product is purchased from Apple directly. So, keep this thing in mind before applying for a refund.

    1. Replacement Within A Thirty Day Period

    Even though fourteen-day return policy is official from Apple, the period may also be extended a bit under certain circumstances. In such situations, it can be 30 days at most. So, if your case falls in the category of 14 to 30 days since product’s purchase, you must still try and ask for brand new replacement rather than getting your products repaired. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to get a new replacement and won’t have to wait for the repair either.

    1. When Problem Develops After 14 Days Of Purchase

    Generally, when the problem develops after the 14 days window since the purchase of the product, it may not be possible for you to return the product any more. It may be possible for you, however, to get it repaired using one-year warranty from Apple or through AppleCare. You can avail such repair service by taking the product to Apple Store near you, a service provider authorized by Apple, get on-site service, or get your product serviced through mail. Make sure that you don’t try your own DIY skills otherwise you may end up voiding the AppleCare or warranty coverage.

    Holiday Return Policy

    Holiday Return Policy-Apple Return Policy - All Possible


    If you want to buy a product from Apple as gift for someone or planning on having extended test-drive for yourself prior to deciding whether you want to keep a product or not, you can take advantage of extended Holiday return policy from Apple. With this extended return policy, rather than returning items within 14-days period, they can be returned anytime before the specified date. This extended return policy usually applies to Holiday season and according to latest update at Apple official websiteany items that you have purchased at Apple Store online and received between 15th of November 2017 and 25th of December 2017 can be returned by 8th of January 2018. It is important to mention here that all the Terms & Conditions other than the time period for returns are applicable. And, any purchases that are made after 25th of December 2017 are governed by Standard Apple return policy as described above.

    Items That Can’t Be Returned Under Standard Return Policy

    There are some exceptions when it comes to items that can be returned under the standard return policy of Apple. There are basically, six different categories for these items including:

    • Opened Software (Return possible if not installed anywhere. Anything with printed license can’t be returned if sticker or seal on software media package is broken)
    • Software Up-To-Date Program Products (Any Software Upgrades)
    • Electronic Software Downloads
    • Apple Gift Cards
    • Apple Print Products
    • Developer products (WWDC tickets, technical support incidents, membership)

    Here again, it’s worth mentioning that Apple return policy only applies to products that are bought at Apple Store directly and, of course, you must return complete kit along with entire packaging.

    How You Can Return An Item?

    There are a couple of options available when it comes to returning items back to Apple. They are described below.

    1. Ship It Back To The Company

    The first option you can use for returning your purchased product to Apple is shipping it back to them. Here is what you need to do for that.

    Ship It Back To The Company-Apple Return Policy - All Pos

    1. Login to Order Statusonline using your Apple login credentials.
    2. Once you have signed in, you’ll be able to see the items that you have purchased in the order placed most recently. Find out the item you have to return in the list and then click on the link labeled ‘Return Items’.
    3. On next page, choose the item that has to be returned and then click on Continue.
    4. Verify what you are going to return as well as address on prepaid return label.
    5. After verification of the return details, print the return label as well as necessary hazmat labels.
    6. The labels should now be attached to same panel on the return box.
    7. In case multiple boxes have to be shipped, make sure you print the labels for all of them.
    8. It is recommended to use original packaging when the product to be returned is a computer.

    Finally, you have to schedule pickup of the package with your carrier. Alternately, you can also drop it off at one of their locations.

    1. Bring The Item Directly To Apple Store

    The second option that you can use for returning items back to Apple is to bring it directly to any Apple Store in the US. Their representatives will guide you through the return process according to the Apple return policy. The returned will get processed right away.

    Apple Return Polic-Bring The Item Directly To Apple Store


    How You Can Get Refunds?

    How You Can Get Refunds-Apple Return Policy - All Possibl


    When your returned item is received by Apple, your refund is immediately initiated. In case of canceling pickup items for which you got billed, an immediate refund is initiated once the cancelation request is submitted. Processing of the refund, however, depends on the payment method you had used in the first place. Here are a couple of possible scenarios:

    • If you had used your debit or credit card for the payment, you will get refunds through the bank that issued the card. The process normally takes five business days after cancelation request or returned item is received.
    • If you had used some Gift Card for making the purchase directly at, you will get the refund in the form of same sort of Gift Card through email.

    Get The Items Exchanged

    Another possible option for refund is getting the items exchanged. You can use this option if you had bought the product inside the US. Just take the product to an Apple Store and get it exchanged. Exchanges, however, depend on product availability at the store. You can check for product availability by first calling the Store that you want to visit. This will help you in avoiding any kind of possible hassles. Any custom-configured Macs or personalized items aren’t eligible for such exchanges, though.

    So, that’s all about Apple return policy. Whether you want to take advantage of extended Holiday returns or your return is subjected to the standard policy, check out what terms and conditions would apply and whether or not your product is eligible for the return. If you have any kind of queries pertaining to the Apple return policy, get in touch through comments section to get your questions answered.

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