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How You Can Change The Root Password After Performing Electra Jailbreak And Why It’s Necessary

If you have just stepped into the jailbreak world, you might not be aware of some intricacies involved in something that might expose your iPad or iPhone to certain security risks. It is something which comes from anti-jailbreaking folks without knowing anything about the situation and even though there is some truth to such complaints, there is something that you can do to add a bit of security to your device.

Yes, it’s about the root password of your iOS device. It is something that is more opened up than we’d like as soon as we have jailbroken our device owing to the fact that all the iOS devices ship with a single default password applied to all of them. Changing this root password would be a good measure to take for increasing security of your device after the jailbreak.

To be fortunate, the process of creating a new root password for your device isn’t really something too complicated but if you do not know how to do it then you may find it a bit troublesome.

So, let’s don’t waste any time and get through the steps of changing the root password of your device after performing a jailbreak to find out something unique that’d be known to you only.

  1. Launch Cydia on the iOS device that you have just jailbroken and search “newterm2” and install it.
  2. Launch newterm2, the terminal app that works with iOS, and type in “su” and then hit return.
  3. Now enter “alpine” which is the root password for every iOS device by default. It remains the same whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  4. Now type “passwrd” and then press Enter key.
  5. Type your new password now and then hit Enter again.
  6. Re-enter that same password and then again hit Enter key.

That’s all, you have secured your iOS device and all you have to do is to remember the new password that you have just created. Now, you are not open to any security risks due to the jailbreak.

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