What You Need To Know About iCloud Activation Lock?

    If you are a long time user of Apple products then you must have heard about apple activation lock or icloud activation lock. It is a feature that was introduced by Apple in the bid to bring down increasing number of thefts involving some Apple product being stolen. With the introduction of this feature the iPhone/iPad thefts had seen a drastic decrease. So, what exactly this feature does?

    Well, it places restrictions on the user to access features like “Find My iPhone”. You can’t turn it off when your phone is iCloud locked. In fact that’s what helps in locating devices once they are stolen or lost. Besides, it makes the device useless in a sense that one can’t erase their phone if they don’t have the actual Apple login credentials that were first used to set up the device. In fact, one can’t even reactivate the phone using their personal details.

    What You Need To Know About iCloud Activation Lock

    Besides iPhones and iPads, the icloud activation lock was also introduced for apple watch as well with the introduction of watch os 2. The feature was not initially available, but was added later to give users same kind of access to their apple watch by pairing it with an iPhone.

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    One might ask is it completely safe to buy iPhone iCloud locked. Well, there may not be anything wrong with it if you are also provided with the corresponding Apple ID and login details. But if that’s not the case then it will probably be more of a headache for you. If you have the locked iPhone and don’t have the Apple login credentials then you won’t be able to access any of the features mentioned above. You may also run into the trouble of buying a stolen iOS device if the seller has not shared the Apple ID details with you and if you don’t check for yourself whether you are buying an unlocked device or it is still iCloud locked.

    You can also set up activation lock on iOS if you want your device not to be misused or stolen. The setting up process may be a bit lengthy but you can easily enable activation lock in settings once you have set everything.


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