Installing Saavn++ On Your iOS 10/11 Without Any Jailbreak

    Everyone loves to have some popular music app on their mobile device. There are some who just stay contented with the Apple Music application and there are others who like to liberate themselves from whatever they are bound to use from Apple. Some other good apps include Pandora, Tidal and Spotify. And if you are someone who loves to enjoy various music genres and that too with varied choices like Bollywood, English, Indian regional and Hindi songs, then you’d definitely like Saavn Music And Radio app.

    And if you are already in love with Saavn then you should be up for the modified version of the app available with the name Saavn++ which is, essentially, the app’s unlocked version. The unlocked version is far better than the regular app as it comes with more than 30 million different tracks that you can choose from. Besides, there are tons of original podcasts and shows that are available on demand.

    The app also offers offline sync feature that allows you to listen to some instant music even when you don’t have any internet connection. You can simply sync your favorite songs to your mobile device and enjoy them in leisure time without even having access to the internet. So, overall, it is a wonderful music app that you should definitely have on your iOS 10/11 device.

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    Now, if you are all set to install the Saavn++ app on your iPhone/iPad then there are a couple of options that you can try to have it on your device without even having to jailbreak anything. And, the first thing that you have to do in this regard is to download Saavn++ IPA and it can be downloaded from any content hub you may like. There are lots of them available and any iOS geek must be very much aware of these as well.

    As soon as you have the IPA file downloaded, it’s time to sideload that file on your iOS device. There are basically two ways you can use to do that. First is with the help of Xcode 7 and the other is through Cydia Impactor. We have full tutorials on sideloading apps to iOS through both these methods and you can find them here.

    It is completely your choice as to which of these two options you want to try. Both work fine and will allow you to sideloadSaavn++ to your iOS 10/11 device without any jailbreak whatsoever.

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