My Photo Stream vs iCloud Photo Library – How The Two Are Different

    There are a couple of options offered by Apple to the iOS and OS X users when it comes to keeping and sharing their photos. Namely, they are My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library. But is it necessary to have both? And if it is not then which one of them should you opt for? Let’s get into the details of each of these options and try to discover what they are all about.

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    My Photo Stream

    My Photo Stream

    First of all, My Photo Stream lets you access all the recent photos captured through any of your Apple device including iPad, iPhone, iPod through your PC or Mac. But you need to set up iCloud on all these devices first. The stream keeps these photos for the duration of 30 days and you can save your pictures anywhere you like.



    iCloud Photo Library?

    iCloud Photo Librarye

    On the Contrary, your iCloud Photo Library just saves all the photos and videos that you capture and syncs them to all the devices you have. All the editing that you might do to these photos or videos will be updated automatically everywhere. With iCloud Photo Sharing features you can be able to share these photos as well as videos with anyone you may like. Shared albums may be created and friends may be invited for adding photos as well as video clips.

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    My Photo Stream And iCloud Photo Library – A Quick Comparison

    Though we have defined the two features of iOS in the earlier section but there is a lot more about these two options that actually set the two apart. So, let’s quickly compare the two by highlighting a few differences.

    My Photo Stream

    • Stores only 1000 of your most recent photos or images captured during last 30 days if the number is less
    • Doesn’t use the iCloud storage
    • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac
    • Can store web-optimized photo versions
    • Doesn’t offer video uploading and syncing
    • Photos & albums can be synced from Mac/PC using iTunes by enabling Photo Stream

    iCloud Photo Library

    iCloud Photo Library

    • Stores everything from your personal photos to videos with no limits on the number and days as is the case with My Photo Stream. You just need to have enough storage space on iCloud to accommodate your files.
    • Uses your storage allotment on iCloud.
    • Your photos won’t just be accessible through your Mac, iPad, iPhone but will also be available online through
    • Stores photos with full-resolution on server as well as your devices.
    • Various file formats supported including JPG, PNG, RAW, TIFF, GIF, etc.
    • Uploads videos, photos, slo-mos, albums, panoramas, etc. and syncs them on all your devices. However, photos and albums can’t be synced from PC or Mac using iTunes. Besides, already existing albums are removed once this service is enabled.

    So, these are a few details about the two services that are available to iOS users. You can now plan your photo storages accordingly.

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