Pokemon Go Hack iOS And Cheats You Need To Enjoy An Unparalleled Experience

If you are a gamer, you must be familiar with the saying ‘If you cannot win then cheat’. In fact, gamers do it all the time. Now this applies to all the games around, even the latest mobile giants such as Pokemon Go. There are many Pokemon go hacks around that actually rejuvenate the experience as you play the game on your iOS device. And, if you are looking for a Pokemon Go hack iOS, you can find many of them here. However, there may be some Dos and Don’t involved and you should be very careful with trying these hacks on your iOS device.

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What Pokemon Go Hack iOS Options To Avoid For Keeping Your Account Secure

As mentioned earlier, before you go with any Pokemon Go hack iOS you should be careful as some hacks and cheats are explicitly against ToS of Pokemon Go. Many even try those hacks and cheats and they do work. So, more and more people start using them and set up a vicious cycle. But they may also get your account banned. Usually, a ban wave starts after every couple of months and now slashing also comes along these ban waves and this simply draws a line aroundPokemonthat have been gained illegally, making them useless when it comes to Gym and the Raid battles. So, before you go for such cheats and hacks, you should better take some time and go through the information below to determine what kind of Pokemon Go hack iOS you should avoid.

  1. Spoofing

It is common for many gamers to fake the GPS location in order to get access to where 100% Tyranitar or Dragoniteis for immediately scooping it up, and dropping it onto a Gym.They can then take that down and can any time build it up again. However, there is a kind of crackdown against this as Pokemon Go randomizes player stats on server side for all those who are below level 25. Therefore, at the moment, it is quite hard for one to detect IV of Pokemon. When it comes to Android side, the app also detects spoofing and locks it out of game there as well. Now that’s something they are taking very seriously and want to ensure that it never happens.

The latest action being taken is the lock out of teleporting as people are soft-banned if they had jumped previously to engage and returned for catching Pokemon. Any illegitimately gained Pokemon are also slashed out making them useless in battles.

  1. Botting

The concept of Botting is similar to spoofing but it is automated. Being equipped with some scripts and lots of fake characters, botters travel through PokeScape as they collect maximum possible high-level Pokemon. Online maps finance it with the help of donation buttons and ads, as well as by people buying accounts online. However, this may also be difficult and not so useful now due to all the recent changes made to avoid this. This also includes the shadowbans that prevent bot accounts including the ones used for the maps from getting access to stuff other than the common Pokemon, and also getting rid of any illegitimately gained Pokemonmaking them useless in the battles.

  1. Multi-Accounting

There are many who do not spoof or bot yet but they still cheat with the help of multiple accounts. When a Gym is taken down by them, it is quickly filled up using accounts of friends, teammates and family. This can be possible even when these acquaintances have not been playing for long. Even though “Bubblestrat” is not useful anymore as a source of quickly powering up a Gym due to latest updates, if you are able to fill up all slots in Gyms you can still be able to lock out other legit players.

  1. Multi-Devicing

A glitch in the game allowed gamers to hit a button using several fingers to trigger multiple actions. This allowed them to heal faster, evolve faster and power up way beyond current legit limit. The app was fixed but if a gamer still uses same account with three devices, hitting same button same time then they still can still exploit that bug.

  1. Shaving/Cycling

Anyone who cannot take over some new Gyms or just do not want to do that sometimes switches to second account that is for different team,  knocks off a Pokemon of a teammate with a  Gym that is owned by the actual team. Afterwards it is replaced with the Pokemonthey own from that particular team. It is cannibalistic and does not help with the growth of the team and is also a source of some major resentment too.

  1. Auto-IV Checkers

Lately, Pokemon Go is not only shadow-banning the bots which abuse their APIs but they are also banning accounts with third-party apps access, such as IV-checkers, which abuse their API. Changing the password on Google as well as revoking account access for these apps may prove to be helpful in avoiding such bans and even reversing them.

Popular Ideas For Pokemon Go Hack iOS

So, now that you know what kind of Pokemon Go Hack iOS options should avoid, let’s find out what popular options you can try out and make progress in the game like never before.

  1. Find Out The Exact Location Of Rare Pokemon Spawns

Pokemon Go’s goal is to make unforeseen discoveries. You’re out shooting videos in words and as you just look up what you find? Snorlax! OMG!

Exact Location-Pokemon Go Hack iOS And Cheats

However, odds for this to happen aren’t too high and many have even tried to trick the system itself by making the bots do the job for them and discover those rare spawns such as Lapras, Dragonite, Blissey, Tyranitar, Milktank, Muk, and lots of others. These bots then show these discoveries or alert you of their location, the time period since they’re residing there, and also their stats.

Remember here that you may be rushed to see such rare Pokemonsand catch them out. Some risk is also involved in overdoing it and there’s a cost involved as well. It is not possible for you to cross a town within a spawn window of 30 minutes if you are on foot and this means you will have to drive which will, in turn, destroy your exercise benefit as well as significant amount of chill. You may, however, miss out some spawns just because of traffic or the tickets which certainly makes it a time waster.

But if that’s not a concern for you, you can simply check out a Facebook group for your area to see what type of trackers are being used by the gamers there. A few may be using online maps while others may be taking help of apps and there may be others relying on chat bots or Twitter accounts. With some, you might be able to get access to Pokemon directly while others might require you to create several accounts and enter Capcha codes.

You may like them or not and it’s quite possible that you wish Pokemon Go fixes Sighting so that they are not needed any more. For instance, if there is a Snorlax almost 50m away, you must see that prior to the 6 Pidgey that will be there at PokeStop cluster.

  1. Determine Which Pokemon You Should Evolve Exactly

It goes without saying that you’d like to evolve your best possible Pokemon. Here best refers to the one having highest stats i.e. IV. A powerful Pokemon Go hack iOS is that evolving better Pokemon would mean you will get higher CP or Combat Power as well as HP or Hit Points. Furthermore, better Pokemons will also do accordingly in Gym and the Raid Battles.

Evolve Exactly-Pokemon Go Hack iOS And Chea

There’s an in-built appraisal system that comes with Pokemon Go app but it is not so granular. Here is the best that you may be able to get:

  • Valor: “Amazes Me”
  • Mystic: “Wonder”
  • Instinct: “Battle With Best”

Now, this tells that the stats of your Pokemon reside between 80-100 percent. However, this range is still too big and if you are able to pay some attention on the number of stats being called out, Defense, Attack and Stamina, add in:

  • Valor: “Blown Away”
  • Mystic: “Exceeds calculations”
  • Instinct: “Best I have seen”

It can further be narrowed down as well. However, even with brain gym it won’t be possible to get exact number. In order to get exact number, you will be in need of third-party IV app. Now it won’t help if you’re not so open towards stats, but if you love them then you will really be able to evolve all your Pokemons into monsters.

Here it is important to mention that you must not use apps that require you to give your Google or Pokemon login details for them to work. You can easily find some of the best apps that won’t require you to give any such details and you don’t really have to risk any of your credentials. Giving up your account may lead to shadow-banning as well.

This will allow you to evolve the entire Magikarp in Gyrados rather than just 82 percent.

  1. Find Out Which Gyms Belong Where

Just like Pokemon scanner websites, you can come across websites that use bot armies for scanning and updating Gym info. This information also includes something like which team owns the Gym at a given moment. In old system, it was even possible for you to find out the level of different Gyms, the particular Pokemon on it, the trainer who owned them, and also that Gym’s recent history. With new system, however, all you get to see is team control.

Find Out Which Gyms Belong-Pokemon Go Hack

If you are out and want to take the Gyms down, you can get to find out the Gyms that other teams own and are ready for take down. The maps don’t have any information that you can’t be able to get by looking while moving around, but many often like to first look out for things and then decide on the exact direction they want to move in.

  1. Bulk Evolve Quickly With Just A Flick

Now this Pokemon go hack iOS gives you basic formula to level up very quickly. You have to catch lots and lots of Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie, drop one of the Magic Eggs, and just start evolving to your liking before that Egg gets expired. This way you will get 30 minutes for taking your XP to the maximum. For any given evolution animation requires only 20 seconds and if you are precision tapping machine then you can hit 90 evolutions at most.

According to some, force quitting Pokemon Go and then relaunching it will help you squeeze a few extra evolutions.An interesting fact here is that some people often try to make their bulk evolutions faster by using several phones simultaneously. Even though it is not yet clear as to whether it works now or worked previously, but it is still violating ToS of Pokemon Go app and may have its consequences.

  1. Get Around ‘Network Error’ And Prevent Gym Battles

There is a bug plaguing Gyms at present which prevents gamers from battling properly and taking over those very Gyms. The cause of the errors isn’t known yet and according to the theory of some gamers it happens when you participate in the Raids at Gym. These errors cause a red banner showing “Network Error” to pop up at top of your screen and you are either unable to battle altogether or cannot finish your already started battle.

There were quite a few work-around options tried for this but none of them seems to be working consistently. Here is how it works.

  1. Force quite Pokemon Go and restart it
  2. Log out from Pokemon Go and then login again
  3. Go spin a new Gym or PokeStop and return to one that you were already battling
  4. When you’re in some group, get everyone else to quit this battle and wait for some time and then ask someone to try again

Even though it violates Pokemon Go ToS, those having multiple accounts seem to be successful as they log out, log into some other account, and start battling with other account.

  1. Dodge Driving Lockouts

Currently, Pokemon Go is doing everything possible for the prevention of letting people play as they drive and that is something really great. To be unfortunate, such restrictions do not allow gamers to play the game while they are just the passengers in the cars, trains, buses, or any other transport for that matter.

Different lockout levels are in place. First one is 10 kph limit for Buddy candy walking and egg hatching. As soon as you cross the limit, the distance being logged is radically reduced by Pokemon Go. Second one is 35 kph limit on spinning PokeStops, checking out Sightings and Nearby on the Radar, as well as triggering any spawns close to you. As that limit is crossed, distance logging almost halts, you cannot spin the stops, and you cannot also spawn or even see any Pokemon.

All of this is absolutely for best interest of the gamers themselves, but if you want to get around all this, you can try Pokemon Go hack iOS and any of the options given below. They may not work all the time but if they do then you will get mega mileage.

  1. Go to egg screen in your Pokemon Go app and hit Home Button to get back to the Home Screen. Make sure that you do not launch other apps and the screen must also not be allowed to go off. Drive a little further, somewhere around 10 minutes. Open the Pokemon Go app again and you will potentially be able to see amazing gains in the distance. Some may not have much luck trying this Pokemon Go hack iOS, but there are others who have seen proven results.
  2. If you own Apple Watch, you can launch a workout for Pokemon Go. After that, look for a slow transportation option. Be it a taxi/Uber or a bust or even a ferry, it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure that it is as slow as it could get. While this workout is still running, you should pat the watch hand upwards and downwards lightly as you move. Now this should give you some decent results according to your speed.
  3. You can also use Pokemon Go Plus. All it takes is a click only and that makes it easy to use. It also catches things quite often which will not be possible for you to use when you are driven around trying to accomplish that directly from the app.
  4. Another Pokemon Go hack iOS for this is dropping an incense. As of now, Incense appears to be immune of speed lock and this impacts all other stuff in the Pokemon Go app. Hence, even when you are just a passenger riding a high-speed bus, car or train, Pokemon must still spawn regularly after some time. Usually, there are quite common but every now and then you will be able to get some rare Pokemon.
  1. Power Your Pokemon Up Beyond Legal Limits

Pokemon come with different levels, same like the trainers do. Whenever a Pokemon is powered up, you see a 0.5 growth in its level. The official Pokemon Go caps your Pokemon’s power level at 1.5 greater than your trainer’s level. Therefore, if you are on level 30 then your Pokemon can be powered up to the level 31.5. However, you can go a bit higher as well with this Pokemon Go hack iOS. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Wait until you get at exactly +1 level on Pokemon(.5 under the official cap)
  2. Now, tap on Power Up using two fingers rather than one only
  3. On the confirmation dialog asking “Do you want to power up” tap Yes

By doing so, you will be doing 2 power ups at a time. According to few, you just have to tap on confirmation dialog using two fingers while others say you need to do that for both. There are some who claim that three fingers can be used for triple power up too. So, you can experiment with different options and make a rule for yourself once you something works out consistently.

What this actually does is that if you are 1.0 higher from your level, you will be able to sneak in another 1.0 before your level actually gets capped. This means that you will actually be sneaking in 0.5 levels in addition to the default number. Your total cap is not affected and all you are doing is actually stealing from future. In desperate times, however, you can take this route for ensuring that you still remain at the top of any given Gym by maxing out the CP.

It is worth noting here that by the start of 2017, both double and the triple tap hacks are not working and this also includes power up. However, it will still work for those who use three devices simultaneously. But it is clearly a violation of ToS.

  1. Getting Around “The Gym Is Under Attack” Error

A recent bug in Pokemon Go was causing the game to inappropriately throw errors for those looking to add Pokemon to newly claimed Gym. Actually, a person would do just fine but if anyone else had to be involved they were required to wait for 10 minutes prior to adding their Pokemonin the bid to defend a given Gym.

Now, that used to be quite frustrating for the players attacking the Gyms in the groups. Though the bug has been fixed but it actually unveiled some interesting tidbits related to how the time of local device was used by Pokemon Go.

When you come to some Gym that’s still locked, time can be set on your device 10 minutes forward and then you can add the Pokemon and it can be set back again. (The Raid is not possible unless you have set the time to automatic.)

This doesn’t have to be done any longer but something like that may be exploited in future as well. So, you never know when you can use such a Pokemon Go hack iOS again.

Some Other Pokemon Go iOS Hack And Mods To Consider

There are some other hacks and mods available as well for Pokemon Go. These mods and tweaks are the modified versions of the game that give an entirely new experience with extra features and no limits whatsoever. So, let’s take a look at some of the popular options available here.

  1. Pokemon Go ++

This tweak is around for so long and is quite popular among the avid gamers. With more than million downloads of Pokemon Go ++ already, just about every player of the original game has tried this particular tweak a couple of times at least. There’s a new major update to this tweak as well and it is popularly known as PokeGo++ v2.

Let’s take a look at some of the major feature of this Pokemon Go tweak:

Pokemon Go ++-Pokemon Go Hack iOS And Cheat

  • If you’ve heard about the JoyStick feature while playing the Pokemon Go game, it can be used if you have PokeGo ++Pokemon Go hack iOS installed on your device.
  • There is no need to install PokemonGoAnywhere tweak separately for instantly moving between locations, you can get exclusive access to this feature in Poke Go Plus.
  • Spoofing location requires you to install another tweak for enabling the feature. However, if you are running Poke Go ++ then you may not need that tweak to be installed separately. You just have to make changes in settings app for enabling location.
  • Patrol Mode can be used as you play the Pokemon Go game for iPhone. The tweak lets users to only move the characters by themselves and get to the place having Pokemon.



  1. Pokemon Go Hacks iOS

Pokemon Go Hacks iOS-Pokemon Go Hack iOS An

Now this one is available for the jailbreak devices. It can be downloaded with the help of Tutu Helper. This pokemon Go hack iOS tweak comes with some common features such as joystick movements, and location hacks that will work with your account on Pokemon Go.

  1. Fake GPS Hacks

Fake GPS Hacks-Pokemon Go Hack iOS And Chea

Since the time when Pokemon Go was first launched, service providers have been taking advantage of the app’s needs to use location services for providing users with location or place spoofing. One of oldest methods, and the one that still works fine, of doing that is with services that change GPS location. Fake GPS may not be a direct pokemon Go hack iOS rather it’s the one that helps users in getting access to some really amazing services completely for free. Fake GPS can help you change the location for you so that your location within the game is changed instantly as well. For this, you don’t really need to make any explicit changes in the original game itself because fake GPS runs its affairs separately and everything is well taken care of.

  1. PokeSniper

PokeSniper allows you to quickly get access to the favorite Pokemon of yours. With the help of PokeSniper, it is possible for you to search for your desired Pokemonand the pokemon Go hack iOS gives you exact coordinates of where you can find the desired Pokemon. The app is used for notifying you of any other Pokemon nearby as well. If that’s the one you have added to the list of your favorites then different notifications are presented. One main feature of PokeSniper app is actually its ability to run without the need of jailbreak. You can use it on just about any device without jailbreaks.

PokeSniper-Pokemon Go Hack iOS And Cheats Y

So, if you have been trying to get your hands on one of the best Pokemon Go hack iOS for long time, this long list would do the job for you. Look no further, just try these amazing hacks, cheats and mods and get yourself on a roller coaster rideand enjoy playing Pokemon Go. Most of them work even without jailbreak on your latest iOS 11 and iOS 10 devices. All you have to ensure is to download the hacks and mods and install them on your device. So, just grab them and start having fun.

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