Taking Screen Shots On Your New Apple Watch

    With increasing popularity of the Apple Watch, everyone is now looking to have one for them. And with everything they can do with their new Apple Watch, many wonder how screenshots can be taken on their new little gadget. Nevertheless, the feature is really a useful one and if you have used it already on your iPhone or iPad then you’d definitely like to learn how it is done on your new Apple watch as well.

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    How To Take Screen Shots

    How To Take Screen Shots

    Here are some simple steps that you need to follow for taking screen shots using your new Watch from Apple.

    1. First you need to navigate your way to that section of screen which you want to capture
    2. Press & hold digital crown now and quickly press side button quickly and release it (If you don’t know what we referred to when we said side button then it’s a rectangular button right below your watch’s Digital Crown)
    3. When you do that action, the screen will flash white just for a second and you will also listen that camera shutter from the speaker
    4. That’s it, you’ve captured the screen shot.

    Here it is worth mentioning that depending on one’s dexterity and the position of their Apple Watch, it can sometimes get a bit tricky to trigger the screenshots successfully. For instance, if Digital Crown is held for too long and you don’t press that side button at right time then it will activate Siri rather than capturing a screenshot.

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    Though it will take some time for you to practice taking the screenshots using your non-dominant hand, but before you get adept at it you’d want to take off the watch first and try taking screenshots holding your watch with both hands. It will get a lot easier this way for sure.

    What After You Have Taken The Screenshots

    What After You Have Taken The Screenshots

    After taking the screenshots, you can access them on your iPhone easily. They will be available in the Photo Library of your iOS and you can access them there. Here you can’t just view them but will also be able to share or send these screenshots to other applications on iPhone/iPad /Mac for further processing if needed.

    What Else You Need To Know

    What Else You Need To Know

    One thing that will be quite obvious on your screenshots taken with the Apple Watch will be that they’ll have comparatively low resolution. The culprit here is the small display of your Apple Watch. The screenshots also tend to look blurry when opened on high resolution displays of Mac or iPhone/iPad. The only thing that can solve the issue is the next release of a better Watch from Apple.

    So capture your moments, show off, or even prepare your own tutorials related to different functions of your Apple Watch by taking screenshots.

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