TVOS Version Code names – Which OS Are You Running On Your Apple TV

    TV OS, as you may know, is the operating system that has been introduced by Apple Inc. for its fourth-generation Apple TV digital media player. After its initial release in September 2015 with the 4th-gen Apple TV, there have been several versions of TV OS released so far. And each of these operating systems have been given unique TVOS version code names for internally recognizing each operating system version.

    TVOS Version Code Names

    TVOS Version Code Names

    Here is the apple operating systems list according to each of the TV OS versions and their respective code names assigned by apple.

    TV OS Version                              Code Name

    9.0                                                 Monarch

    9.1                                                 Tilden

    9.2                                                 Angora

    10.0                                               Union

    10.1                                               Clementine

    10.2                                               Emrald

    TVOS Version Code Names

    There are no public code names for the TV OS from Apple and all these are the internal code names. The public code names are only available for mac OS. As TV OS is based on the iOS, therefore, it follows the very same scheme for the version code names. And again, these TVOS version code names are just for internally recognizing the OS version and don’t have any other purpose at all for the users of TV OS.


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