12 Reasons As To Why You Should Be Upgrading To Latest iOS 12 Right Now

So, it’s time that we have the iOS 12 public release ready and Apple will be pushing it out for the general public. When it comes to the software updates being pushed through from Apple, it’s really one landmark upgrade which has gone through lots of beta releases in last few months and there have been lots of known issues and problems already fixed before letting the new iOS run on millions of devices out there in general public. With most of the issues being already fixed, the new iOS is ripe enough to give you an extraordinary set of feature updates to be installed on your iOS device right away.

Even though the new iOS isn’t being advertised as a massive refresh from the last version, which everyone was expecting it to be before it was announced at the WWDC 2018, there’s a lot that you can still enjoy and would like to explore about it if you haven’t followed all those iOS 12 beta updates. So, let’s not just keep you waiting and get directly into what new updates are coming up with iOS 12 which certainly make it worth an install on your primary device. Let’s check out!

  1. Major Performance Improvements All Over

When iOS 12 was first announced, the key feature that it was touted for was that the new iOS will be more stable and will also present a faster experience regardless of the device on which it is installed. Apple has delivered its hundred percent here and you can experience the difference, especially, when the new iOS is being run on those older compatible devices. The iOS 12 release is definitely a lot snappier and even more responsive as compared to the previous iOS versions. So, if you are looking for a major performance boost from your older iOS 11 experience, it’s time for an upgrade.

  1. Siri Shortcuts

siri shortcuts

When the Workflow was first acquired by Apple, all of us thought we might soon have to say good bye to the app which most power-users on the platform used to call their home. However, the iOS 12 release seems to be misplacing all our fears now. Siri Shortcuts have taken Workflow providing all of us with system-level access which might not have been possible, at least as far as we’ve thought. You just have to throw your connection into Siri to see things getting interesting right away.

  1. Stacked Notifications

All of us thought earlier that Apple needs to work on its notification system in iOS and we can all see that happening with the release of latest iOS 12. Finally, we are going to have a well-laid out notification system which is going to group all the notifications from a single app in one thread. So, you do not have to scroll through those long lists anymore just to see which app has to tell you what. The new iOS also gives you greater control over your notifications as well.

  1. Memoji

For all those who thought Animoji to be super cool, Memoji will simply blow their mind away. It doesn’t just offer what you used to enjoy with Animoji, but it also allows iOS users to make their own 3D versions that can interact with facial expressions using the power of True Depth Camera. Believe it or not, these Memoji characters are really going to be a big hit this year and beyond. And, you’ll really love it too.

  1. App Limits And Screen Time

Technology companies are now focusing on digital wellbeing more than anything else, and App Limits and Screen Time turn out to be a perfect example. The former lets iOS users to set a certain time limit on different apps’ usage so that they can be necessarily switched off once that time limit expires. The latter, on the other hand, lets you see the extent to which you’re using different apps on your iPhone/iPad. This also includes the way your children are interacting with your device.  So, it’s all for the better and makes sure that you have an optimal experience with your device to maintain your digital wellbeing.

  1. Multi-User Face ID

Though it’s not necessary a system that allows more than one individuals to sign into your iPhone using Face ID, Multi-User Face ID still lets you to scan more than one faces to unlock Face ID. This feature is, primarily, designed for individuals who experience significant changes in their looks which can cause issues for Face ID to allow them to get access to their device. So, they can set up Face ID to unlock their device for more than one looks of their own face. Sounds quite intuitive!

  1. Revamped FaceTime

After initially announcing it at the mega event where they unveiled iOS 12, later Apple decided to remove the headline feature for the release. As it was demonstrated, the feature could allow up to a maximum of 32 people to be a part of group FaceTime call. Even though it was really exciting to see this feature being demonstrated on stage, we’re currently not going to have it as part of the first official public release of the latest iOS. Don’t worry, however, the feature is planned to be released in another subsequent update to the iOS. You can, at least, enjoy using Animoji with FaceTime as of now after installing the latest update.

  1. CarPlay Works With Third-Party Navigation Applications

CarPlay Works With Third-Party Navigation Applications

Anyone owning a vehicle with support for CarPlay would definitely consider it a big update. With the latest iOS release, the users will now be able to navigate through third-party maps applications with CarPlay as they drive. So, it means Google Maps, Sygic, TomTom, Waze and many others will now be supported on CarPlay – something we didn’t have as yet for some inexplicable reasons.

  1. iPad Users Can Now Use iPhone X-Like Gestures

If you’re an iPad user, one thing that you will get to notice after iOS 12 installation on your device is that you’ll now be able to use iPhone X-like gestures on your tablet. So, if you are getting more used to the gestures that you typically use on your iPhone, which are a bit different from those for iPad, it’s going to be completely fine as you can now use those same gestures on your iPad running iOS 12 and it will recognize them completely. So, soon we can expect iPads shipping without a Home button. Why not?

  1. Integration With Third-Party Password Managers

Security is something really important and we all take it very seriously. However, nobody seems to be enjoying it completely. With iOS 12, you can easily use long, unique and secure passwords. In fact, it’s easier than you might have ever imagined. The system comes with built-in support for third-party password managers as well. So, now you can also rely on popular security apps like Dashlane, 1Password, and many others. The passwords will be accessible without any need of launching password managers first courtesy iOS 12.

  1. AutoFill Feature For 2-Factor SMS

AutoFill Feature For 2-Factor SMS

Yet another exciting feature of iOS 12, this one is for those who used to hate getting 2-factor authentication codes through SMS only to find out that their message got lost somewhere before they could actually copy that code and entered it into the relevant app for authentication. So, if you find such security measures annoying, iOS 12 can detect any such codes and fill them in automatically wherever needed. It’s magic, isn’t it?

  1. Better Portrait Lighting

If you are an avid photographer, you’d definitely enjoy the way iOS 12 improves on portrait lighting for better imaging. The better edge detection features allow for sharper images and that’s something to be excited about.

These are just a few reasons why you should be ready for the upgrade as soon as you are able to get your hands on it. In fact, there are hundreds of more changes that new iOS is definitely coming up with. From minor to major upgrades, the latest iOS version is definitely going to make your day with all that it houses inside. So, don’t just wait for it and go for the upgrade right away and start exploring more about the new iOS yourself. It’s definitely going to be a fun experience.

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