2012 Macbook Pro – Always On Buyer’s Radar

    The 2012 Macbook Pro still remains one of the most opted Mac models among the Mac users of today. In fact, it is the oldest machine of its kind that is still being sold by Apple. The model MD 101LL/A was the first 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro that Apple came up with in 2012 and sold it at an introductory price of $1099 which was $200 more as compared to entry-level MacBook Air that used to be equally powerful.

    But what exactly is so great in this 2012 Macbook Pro that Apple hasn’t stop selling it yet even after 5 years of its launch? We know that it had low-resolution screen, slower hard drives, middling CPUs even back then, and little amount of RAM as compared to today’s modern Macbook Pro models. But despite all that it is still selling surprisingly well.

    Why Is 2012 Macbook Pro Still So Popular?

    Well, let’s try to find out what makes the 2012 Macbook Pro model so popular and why Apple hasn’t cut its supply yet!

    Why Is 2012 Macbook Pro Still So Popular-2012 Macbook Pro - Always On Buyer's Radar


    1. Only Mac That Features DVD Drive: Well, it still remains the only Mac to feature DVD drives and many of us still want to have one. Whether it is for watching movies or for any other purpose, many still need one regularly.
    2. Only Mac That Uses Standard Hard Drives: The use of standard hard drives means that you get cheap storage space on your Mac. This means 1 TB of space from Apple would only cost you around $50. Besides, these disks are cheaply and easily replaceable as well. You’d love it if you’re always conscious about your budget.
    1. Only Mac That Features Upgradable RAM: It is common for buyers to not being able to afford some of the top specs when they’re first buying a machine. However, they are glad to make upgrades to ensure that they keep using it for long time. So, 2012 Macbook Pro gives Mac owners that flexibility by allowing for upgrading options. This isn’t just a cheaper option but also allows you to enjoy greater limits.
    2. It Still Is An Inexpensive Machine: Within a reasonable price, you can be able to get fastest CPU, 1 TB disk space and 8GB RAM from apple. If you’re willing to go with third-party options, you can get 16GB of RAM while the disk space can be increased to 2 TB with just a minor change in the price tag. If you opt for a modern Retina Macbook Pro model, you’ll be end up paying twice the price of 2012 Macbook Pro. Despite all the improvements that come with modern and upgraded models, it still is a cheap alternative.
    3. It May Not Be That Outdated: As we just said that the modern models have some improvements over the 2012 Macbook, it still features USB 3, Thunderbolt and multitouch trackpad. You’d say that low-resolution screen has definitely gone outdated, but for many it’s not a matter of concern either. And if you upgrade to an SSD, your older Macbook will become quite competitive in terms of performance as well.

    Why Is 2012 Macbook Pro Still So Popular-2012 Macbook Pro - Always On Buyer's Radar,


    So, with all these major points going in favor of the 2012 Macbook Pro model, it is rightly one of the popular models even today. If you have similar or different thoughts about the model, do share with us in comments section.

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