2017 iPhone X With 3GB RAM Beats 2018 Galaxy Note 9 With 6GB RAM In A Real World Speed Test

    The smartphone users have recently been given the biggest news of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release and that’s certainly taken the industry by storm. Even though the phone hasn’t been made available for general public yet, the manufacturers are trying to put the device through its paces as it’s all over the internet.

    In the bid to evaluate the new smartphone, the YouTuber EverythingApplePro has dared to take this hottest smartphone and compare it with the latest iPhone version available today i.e. iPhone X.

    Obviously, that is the 2017 iPhone X release as of the moment. Nevertheless, even that iPhone model has become a year older and there’s no reason suspect the results of the test being performed. However, the results revealed quite shocking facts about the two smartphones when compared.

    Yes, the video shows that the 2017 model of iPhone X with iOS 12 beta running on it outperformed the latest Galaxy Note 9 with Android 8.1.0 which is priced at $999 which is exactly the same as the case with iPhone X. The real-world tests performed on the two devices include opening/closing of too many apps on them. However, Galaxy Note 9 went storming ahead based on which the YouTuber used the synthetic tests.

    Now, what that means is regardless of the smarphone you buy, you’ll be getting quite a capable device. With that being said, it is suspected that the successor of iPhone X, which is going to be available by next month, is definitely going to turn the tables quite significantly. For now, both Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as well as Apple iPhone X are blazingly fast regardless of their year of release.

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