2018 Apple iPhone Keynote – A New Report Again Tips In The Event Date

2018 Apple iPhone Keynote – A New Report Again Tips In The Event Date

So, it’s almost September now and that means we’re inching closer to Apple’s new iPhone announcements. And, as expected, this time we are anticipating three brand new iPhone models from Apple. You may even see an all-new iPad coming up along with some cool Mac updates but the exact event date is yet to be known. But what we know so far is that Europe 1, a French radio station, has tried to give us a better idea of when it’s going to happen.

The radio station cited some unnamed sources to claim that the 2018 iPhone event from Apple will happen on 12th of September which, certainly, is the date that’s been mooted earlier as well.

And, quite unsurprisingly, the venue for this event is expected to be the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park where the keynote will kick off at its typical opening time. If we are to believe all this, it ties in perfectly with the rumors that have been floating around previously and also with the past announcements that have been made officially.

Now, September 12th looks pretty much practical and as mentioned earlier it’s the date that’s recently been mentioned as well. Historically, the iPhone events from Apple have taken place anywhere between 7th and 12th of September, and ruling out 11th September for some obvious reasons will only leave us with 12th September as the event date. If we are to believe this date, it seems that it’s only a few days before Apple opens up iPhone pre-orders, probably 14th of September, and the sales will start after a week as well.

During this keynote even, regardless of when it happens, Apple is expected to announce a set of 3 new iPhones that will probably include iPhone X Plus as well which is going to be a 6.5” giant. A new model of Apple Watch is also surely coming. But there will be some potential debutants as well in this September event including new iPads, Mac mini and MacBook Air.

Particularly, this Mac mini is going to be one of the most interesting announcements coming up because when it was updated last time, Jobs and Woz were still managing things from their San Francisco garage.

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