How To Find Out 32-Bit Mac Apps Before Apple Supports Only 64-Bit

    Of late, Apple users have been receiving warnings about 32-bit apps running on Macs currently that they might not be compatible with future macOS versions. The move looks pretty much similar to what we had witnessed with Apple’s iOS in recent past as it only supports the 64-bit applications now.

    For mac, however, this switch is expected to prove expensive for the users as many applications are not likely to get updated because of massive differences in desktop development landscape. That being said, it would definitely pay off to know exactly which apps are there on the system and the ones that won’t be supported anymore if Apple decides to drop support for 32-bit apps.

    With Apple already showing a certain dialog when you launch any 32-bit applications suggesting they aren’t optimized for the Mac you’re using, it is very much possible to get a clear view of everything installed on a Mac and will potentially get affected.

    Here are the steps that you need to follow for finding out all the information you need.

    1. Click Apple logo on top of the Mac screen
    2. Press and hold Option key from the keyboard before clicking System Information
    3. Scroll the sidebar down to reveal Software option and then expand it
    4. Click on Applications. You might have to wait a bit here until all the apps are populated depending on the number of apps that have been installed
    5. On top of app, you should see an option for sorting apps according to 64-bit (Intel). Just click it and you’ll get a list with all 32-bit apps only. To further help you out, these will be labeled as ‘No’ under 64-bit (Intel) column

    Now, if you find some of the apps you use regularly here then there’s something you can do about it. While most of them will be from Apple, you are likely to get updates or replace them with the new apps on offer. Besides, the apps from third-party sources might not get an update ever. It is advised, however, to connect with individual developers and ask them about the update before being forced into going with the alternative.

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