Real 3D SpringBoard Tweak For iOS – Get Live 3D Accelerometer-Based Movements On Home Screen

After what many perceive to be a long abstinence period, Elias Limneos, a jailbreak developer from Greece, hasn’t just come up with a NFC-based jailbreak tweak that is completely unique, but has also released a new tweak for jailbroken devices that offers immaculate 3D animations for icons and the SpringBoard of your device. Let’s discover more about this 3D SpringBoard tweak.

What Is 3D SpringBoard Tweak All About?

In the past, we have had quite a few famous jailbreak packages, including Cylinder and Barrel, that offered some wonderful effects and animations to jailbroken iOS devices. With those packages, the users could be able to change the way icons on the screen animate while scrolling between the SpringBoard screens. But Limneos has stood true to his reputation of dreaming big all the time, and rather than only bringing up icon animations with his jailbreak tweak it appears as if he has designed a jailbreak experience where SpringBoard itself is live in the 3D.

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So, with your Real 3D SpringBoard tweak, you can expect SpringBoard to go live in the 3D with movements based on accelerometer. There will be 3D effects, morphing, scene lighting and all.

There is a video that has come along with the new release from Limneos and it really is a true reflection of what you can achieve with the new package. Instead of just giving some type of effects to SpringBoard, Limneoshas taken it to 3D world, literally. The icons in 3D Springboard tweak look like amazing 3D cubes and there is also a wonderful solar system representation while you scroll through Home Screens.

Jailbreaking world is really interesting place itself right now. Though we have had very little activity over last few months when it comes to new jailbreaks but some amazing jailbreak tweaks, like 3D SpringBoard tweak, have really kept it alive. And, believe it or not, Elias Limneos and others like him are really pushing the boundaries when it comes to designing jailbreak tweaks that offer great experiences and functionality at the same time. With every jailbreak tweak that hits the tweak market, there comes something interesting that adds to the wonderful experience of iOS device users.

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