Apple Releases AirTag Firmware Update 1.0.291

    The new version of Apple’s firmware used in the AirTag item trackers is out now. However, as of yet, we don’t know much about what this new software update will have to offer.

    According to a report from 9to5Mac, the latest firmware release 1.0.291 carries build number 1A291a.

     “Prior to today, the most recent version of AirTag firmware was version 1.0.276 and build number 1A287b,” the report reads.

    It is not possible for AirTag to be forced to carry out an update to the firmware, rather it should automatically happen as soon as an AirTag comes in the range of an iPhone paired with it. However, it is possible for the users to check the firmware version their AirTag is currently running. Here’s how you can do that.

    1. Launch Find My app.
    2. Go to the Items tab that you can see at the bottom.
    3. In the list that appears on the screen, select desired AirTag.
    4. Tap AirTag name.

    You will now be able to see the serial number of your chosen AirTag and the firmware version it is currently running.

    Even though we don’t yet have enough information on what this firmware update will bring, it is likely to improve the current features and AirTag performance instead of introducing something new. We already know that Apple is currently working on its Android app for detecting an AirTag. It is, therefore, very much possible for this update to be related to that.

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