6.1” iPhone Xc Prototypes Leaked, Features New Colors, Dual-Sim And More

6.1” iPhone Xc Prototypes Leaked, Features New Colors, Dual-Sim And More

Yes, it’s September 12th when Apple will be unveiling its 2018 iPhone line and, regardless of what it will look like, we already have the rumor mill up and running and it’s seems to be working more in last few weeks.

And as it leads to the mega event, it continues to break new rumors and leaks where the latest ones claim to show you new 6.1” LCD iPhone given a new unique name i.e. iPhone Xc. In addition, they seem to be the prototypes of the original thing and aren’t actually the dummy ones.

These lower-end devices, courtesy their single camera at the back and cheaper LCD displays have been sort of an enigma. Even though we all knew that it’s about arrive none of us could tell what it might look like and what name we shall be calling it. It was believed, though, that they’d resemble the iPhone X devices but cheaper materials would be used in making them including the LCD screen that we’ve just talked about. Besides, the device will have aluminum frame rather than one made of steel. It was also already known that the devices will come in a few new colors as well and this new image collection seems to have confirmed that too.

Ben Geskin shared these new images through Twitter. Geskin himself has a quite reasonable record with such stuff. The images shared by him show us the new iPhones collection in various colors along with ‘iPhone Xc’ tag. However, such branding can’t be seen on these units shown in the images. The branding, however, makes some sense considering iPhone 5c that we had from Apple earlier besides the known fact that other iPhones in this lineup will have riffs on iPhone X name as well.

So, as shown in the pictures, there are four colors i.e. While Black, Red and Rose Gold. Normally the red colored iPhones are reserved by Apple for the PRODUCT(RED) mid-cycle devices that are given a refresh but it could be designated to iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max, so it all could make better sense that it may appear initially.

Lastly, the images have also revealed a slot for dual-SIM which means we might have a dual-SIM device on the cards. Such slots have said to be included by Apple on its lower-end iPhone devices but we are still not sure whether such configuration will be featured in iPhone Xc in particular markets or not.