Here’s 6-In-1 iPhone Lens Case That’s Probably The Slickest Camera Accessory For Mobiles

Here's 6-In-1 iPhone Lens Case

As far as photography is concerned, there isn’t any bigger camera compared to that in iPhone. Millions of avid photographers from around the world take advantage of their iPhone camera to capture the most precious of their moments and that too in the highest quality possible.

That being the reason, we have lots of accessories available today for iPhones. In fact, there are many which aim at improving the performance of their cameras even further. A cool example is that of the latest 6-in-1 iPhone lens case for iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

While we’re talking about just a case, however, the key selling point of this accessory isn’t just offering protection rather it’s the 6 lenses that come along. They really are plentiful providing various benefits based on which lens you choose.

Here's 6-In-1 iPhone

The award winning case of the lens allows iPhone users to use its dual-lens system to their full advantage by simply putting extra lens over what’s already built into the iPhone to make it perform like a DSLR.

The features of the new case:

  1. 10x macro lens to offer magnification
  2. 20x macro lens to offer super magnification
  3. 180-degree fisheye lens
  4. A couple of 2x telephoto lens
  5. 120-degree wide-angle lens

Even if you want to use it as a protective case and aren’t interested in taking advantage of the attached lenses, you can even do that as well. It’s possible to slide the lenses right off. What this means is that the lenses can be kept in your bag and you can slide it on whenever needed. In fact, it’s something that will prove to be quite beneficial for you if you do not need to use the camera case at all times.

 6-In-1 iPhone lensAs of present, you can buy this 6-in-1 iPhone lens case for anywhere between $49.95 and $59.95. The price, basically, depends on your chosen model. However, it’s a limited time offer and the prices will be switching back to between $79.95 and 99.95 for different models. Besides, using SPRINGC10 promo code at the time of check out will allow you to get an additional 10 percent discount on listed price. Remember the promo code is also applicable to only first five hundred orders, so act fast and buy now!

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