List of More Than 75 Hidden Features In iOS 11

When Apple’s Senior Vice President, Craig Federighi, came to WWDC stage earlier this year in June, all of us were pretty confident that something good is coming up. And it really proved to be great as well. However, with several months past that keynote event, there are quite a few iOS 11 features that are still not known to the general public and everyone really deserves to know these hidden features in iOS 11.

During initial announcement of iOS 11 at WWDC Apple kept its focus on some of the major new features which didn’t just helped a great demonstration, but also captured imagination of everyone watching. However, with all the focus on those great new features, Apple missed out on many other new changes and hidden features in iOS 11 that it comes with. It might be because of the fact that even though those features were great for the developers, they wouldn’t have grabbed attention of most of those watching the event at home.

So, we have compiled an entire list of those unnoticed new features to help you find out what else is there in the new iOS except those much talked about features. We’ve tried to make sure that none of the new features is left from this list and everything that wasn’t given any stage time during WWDC is shared general public.

List Of All The New Hidden Features In iOS 11

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So, here is our list of more than 150 hidden features in iOS 11 that you might still be unaware of. Let’s check them out.

  1. English input capabilities for the Japanese Romaji keyboard
  2. Flashlight support in iPad Pro 9.7”
  3. Malayalam, Odia and Kannada Keyboards
  4. 3D Touch to switch tabs in Safari
  5. Enterprise network security
  6. Spoken/Braille video captions
  7. Flight status for Safari and Spotlight
  8. Spotlight tab now comes to News
  9. Addition of a new font called Arabic system
  10. iCloud file sharing
  11. Definitions, math and conversions in Safari
  12. Streamlined family setup
  13. Maps entrances for China’s major landmarks
  14. Tap to setup feature for HomeKit
  15. Business Chat preview
  16. Password autofill feature for third-party applications
  17. Traffic camera alerts for China
  18. iCloud plans for family storage
  19. Screenshot & markup
  20. Inline drawing features for the Notes app
  21. Apple Pencil support for markups
  22. SOS on iPhone
  23. NFC reader mode
  24. WebRTC support
  25. Mail app getting Top hits
  26. Better support for Dynamic Type
  27. Podcasts app getting redesigned
  28. One-handed keyboard
  29. Carrier data usage
  30. Automatic setup using iCloud
  31. Duration triggers and HomeKit occupancy
  32. Type-to-Siri accessibility
  33. Now Siri can follow up with context
  34. Safari safe browsing feature for China
  35. iCloud remote backup
  36. English on 10-key Pinyin keyboard
  37. Today View gets News Video
  38. Invert colors get a redesign
  39. English and Russian bilingual dictionary
  40. Screen recording
  41. Unified iCloud Drive Trash
  42. Integration of iCloud Family Apple Music
  43. Advanced Wi-Fi Analytics
  44. Invite Family using iMessage
  45. Images get VoiceOver descriptions
  46. Maps get one-handed zoom options
  47. Custom Top Stories for News
  48. Tap-to-join meetings
  49. 3D Touch to Lookup
  50. PDF accessibility
  51. Improved Switch Control Typing
  52. Storage Optimization
  53. Phone number to serve as Apple ID for China
  54. Hindi dictation
  55. Camera gets support for QR code scanning
  56. FaceTime Live Photos
  57. Share URLs in Messages using 3D Touch
  58. SMS fraud extension
  59. Extended Braille editing
  60. Password sharing for WiFi
  61. PDF annotation gets to iBooks
  62. English and Portuguese bilingual dictionary
  63. NFC opens up to 3rd-party applications
  64. iCloud Drive replaced by Files app
  65. Drag/Drop on iPhone while using Files and several other apps
  66. Calculator app gets a redesign
  67. New iTunes, Calculator and App Store icons
  68. No apps labels in dock
  69. Multitasking allows for four apps simultaneously
  70. iPads get floating window feature
  71. Customizable toggles inside Control Center
  72. Automatic uninstall for unused apps
  73. Accounts and Passwords section now available in Settings
  74. Safari gets new privacy options in Settings
  75. No integration options for Flickr, Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook
  76. New effects come to iMessage
  77. Dotted icons to represent cellular signals now get back to same old bars in the status bar
  78. GIFs animate inside the Photos app
  79. Support for FLAC files
  80. New passcode user interface on the lock screen
  81. New animation for app launch
  82. Redesigned icon for battery in the status bar
  83. Siri and Search pane turned into one in Settings
  84. Mandatory 2-factor authentication

So, these are some of the new hidden features in iOS 11 that iOS 11 users were not aware of before. It’s worth knowing them to make full use of the new iOS.

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