How To Enable Activation Lock – Basic iOS Tips

With the introduction of iOS 7 Apple introduced Activation Lock feature as well. The feature allows iOS users to wipe their devices clean remotely if somehow they are stolen or lost. Most of the iOS users have been receptive to the idea and they have enabled it on their devices. But do you know how to enable activation lock?

Well, you just have to ensure that “Find My iPhone/iPad” feature is enabled on your device.

How To Enable Activation Lock?

How To Enable Activation Lock

Here are the steps to follow for enabling activation lock on your iOS device.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Privacy
  3. Click Location Services
  4. Go to bottom of this screen and tap the “Find My iPhone”option
  5. Now tap the toggle button to turn this feature ON
  6. Here you also have to decide whether or not you want to turn on that Status Bar Icon to show to potential users that you are remotely tracking your device. You just have to toggle it ON if you want but if you don’t want any potential thieves to know that you are tracking them then better leave it Off.

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So, you have successfully enabled Activation Lock on your iOS device and can wipe it clean any time through

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