Airpods Review – ALook At Wireless Earbuds From Apple

    EarPods have been a great offering from Apple and always the go-to favorites for many. They come as part of the package with the iPhones and sound really great. However, Apple is now stepping into wireless future and new wireless capabilities are coming to all their devices. And, with that, EarPods will now become wireless AirPods. With these wireless earphones, you can listen to your favorite music as well as podcasts, talk to your digital assistant Siri and even use them in the phone calls. So, why not have a thorough Airpods review and take a closer look at Apple’s new offering.

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    AirPods Review – No More Cords

    In the first look, AirPods appear to be quite similar to the EarPods and the only difference that you’ll be able to figure out will that be of wires. However, you will find the stems to be a bit thicker because that’s where batteries are contained. Besides, the microphones and any other miniature technology is also housed inside the stems.

    So, in our AirPods review, other than the cords going away, nothing much seems to have changed in the appearance. And once people get used to these, nobody will give you a second look.

    Connecting The AirPods

    As soon as you open the case of your Apple AirPods, you will automatically see the pairing screen showing up on the iPhone. All you have to do is a single tap for connecting the two devices. It is quite simple and we’ll soon have the same pairing process coming to other products from Apple as well, probably in next year.

    AirPods can be a perfect choice if you have to use so many devices from Apple. The simple reason is that you can easily move between devices and use AirPods with them. So, just pair once and use many times.

    Another great fact is that if you love the new AirPods from Apple but you aren’t an iOS user, you can use it on your Windows and Android phones as well. Though you may not be able to enjoy the easy pairing capabilities as on iOS, but due to W1 chip that the wireless headphones come with, you can still enjoy a strong connection. In fact, it will be stronger than many other headphones out there.

    What’s The Audio Quality Like?

    You really get some amazing audio quality with AirPods. Though there isn’t any dramatic difference in sound quality than what we have in the EarPods, they offer sort of low-frequency sound and add a bit of more bass.

    The AirPods review suggests that AirPods work fine for the phone calls as well. The person on the other end can very clearly hear you out. The fact that these ear phones are wireless doesn’t really have any negative impact on the call quality.

    There is good enough noise cancellation as well and your AriPods will deaden most of the sounds coming from the surroundings. However, you still remain aware of any traffic coming your way.

    W1 Chip Helps You Get Rid Of Some Major Bluetooth Problems

    Apple has taken a completely different approach when it comes to AirPods. Both the AirPods receive independent Bluetooth channels of their own simultaneously, while the syncing is handled by W1 Chip itself. As a result you get low latency and the connection is ever more reliable. This approach is unique to Apple and no other wireless earbud manufacturer out there has adopted it.

    W1 is, in fact, the best from Apple. And, it is Apple’s proprietary technology which seems to provide solutions to some real problems.

    Your AirPods might not be as magical as on iOS when used with Android. You will have to take the traditional route for pairing and switching between devices in that case and move throughthose hectic Bluetooth venues. There are optic sensors inside the earbuds as well that will pause music as soon asthey’re taken out. This feature works fine on Android as well. However, W1 chip is good enough that AirPods still remain amongst the best wireless earbuds for Android devices.

    AirPods Come In A Fantastic Case

    AirPods Come In A Fantastic Case-Airpods Review – ALook At Wireless Earbuds From Apple

    In an AirPods review, the user of the accessory talked too highly of its case. Obviously, you need to find a place for stashing your earbuds away. Wouldn’t it be great if the case you put your earbuds in charges them as well?

    In fact, the case of the AirPods is amongst the best ones around. YourAirPods get locked magnetically and they do not loosen up if you shake them. So, this charges them at best and increases their battery life. The small case also fits into your pocket easily. Furthermore, the white color of the case makes it easy to track when you put it inside your bag.

    Though it is quite comforting to have the ability to charge your AirPods constantly, but what’s even better is that they give you straight five hours of play as promised by Apple. Even if you don’t have such long usage, you can get a couple of hours in music playback and that would only consume 10-20 percent of battery power. You’d be surprised that if you put your AirPods back in the case for just 10-15 minutes, it will charge them back to full. So, that’s something great!

    AirPods Review – Siri May Not Be The Best

    With so many great things coming with AirPods, there are a few that may not be talked of too highly. And, Siri is one such feature. There are already many major companies that are working on artificial intelligence in EarPods but Apple takes the honor of bringing it first to the users. So, some glitches could be expected.

    AirPods Review – Siri May Not Be The Best-Airpods Review – ALook At Wireless Earbuds From Apple

    According to our AirPods review, it is easy to access Siri as you just have to double tap your earbuds and start talking to your digital assistant. Also, your AirPods will also easily capture whatever you want to ask. And, that’s probably why we have longer stems in these wireless earbuds. But what ruins the experience are those inherent limitations of Siri. We wish there could have more options for interacting with your AirPods. For instance, it would have been great if you were able to access volume, skip tracks, and play/pause. You can, however, assign double tap for play/pause using settings menu on your iPhone. That’s the default setting for Android users.

    So, that’s probably all for this AirPods review.And, there are quite a lot of positives to talk about. We’d recommend using the latest wireless tech from Apple and its future seem to be bright as well. You can share your own AirPods review and thoughts with us in comments section below as well. So, let us know how you make of AirPods from Apple.


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