Apple Launching Its AirPower Wireless Charging Hub Next Month – Reports

    Remember the AirPower wireless charging pad Apple announced with iPhone X and iPhone 8 in its September 12 event last year? Yes, it’s the same Wireless Charging Hub that the manufacturer refused to indicate when it’s going to be available.

    Now, as per the sources of Mac Otakara – a Japanese publication – Apple is planning to release this much anticipated wireless charger next month.

    The report from Mac Otakara cites some unnamed sources claiming that Apple will start selling AirPower wireless charging hub in its stores during March. This is also backed by the claims from The Apple Post only two weeks back. Even though the news floating around do not mention any specific dates about this latest release, March isn’t too far away and waiting for the new wireless charging hub from Apple is well worth it.

    The Japanese source maintains good reputation with this type of reports and considering the fact that similar claims have also been made by other sources, we believe there’s a good chance that we’ll soon get our hands on AirPower wireless charging hub.

    No matter when it arrives, AirPower will be the future wireless charging solution that Apple fans all over the world will love. It will allow users to charge iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X as well as Apple Watch. Even it will be the charging solution for upcoming AirPods charging case as well. As it goes, Apple will be selling future AirPods with a charging case and will also offer it as an accessory for the existing AirPods.

    While Apple will be selling AirPower through authorized dealers and Apple Stores, the interesting fact is that AirPower wireless charging case will only be available from Apple Stores.

    While there already many third-party wireless charging solutions available for iPhones, it’s going to be Apple’s first shot at building its own wireless chargers. It will probably be the costliest of all available options but as it will charge a range of different devices, the investment is well worth it.

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