Important Announcements From WWDC 2018

    It’s finally the day when Apple announces its major releases for the year and Apple’s WWDC 2018 went off quite successfully with a lot of new announcements and releases coming through. It was a software focused event and we had a lot of new announcements from the world’s tech giant on its mega event of the year. So, let’s just not waste any time and get straight into some key announcements from Apple at this year’s WWDC.

    1. iOS 12

    iOS 12-Important Announcements From WWDC 2018

    iOS 12 is by far the biggest release from Apple that’s been in focus and it will offer more stability as well as performance improvements rather than coming up with new additional features.

    The new iOS iteration boasts of better parental controls and digital health features. In addition, the new iOS will integrate Emoji 11.0. The Home Screen has also received a redesign and Apple has introduced it with horizontal Face ID as well.

    1. macOS 10.14

    macOS 10.14-Important Announcements From WWDC 2018

    Another big release of the year is the much expected macOS 10.14. And, potentially the biggest change to Apple’s new operating system for Mac is the inclusion of its new app model. As of the moment, iOS and macOS apps have been created by the developers and both these apps have some fundamental differences and are available at different app stores. And even though they’re developed in a different manner as well, Apple has worked to unify the development systems for both Mac and iPhone/iPad. Yes, now we’ll have universal apps created for both the platforms and in very much the same manner. In addition, the new macOS is expected to come with Apple News app, revamped Mac App Store and system-wide dark mode.

    1. HomePodOS 12

    HomePodOS 12-Important Announcements From WWDC 2018

    HomePod is the latest from Apple and it is expected to receive a major software update. The beta will be announced at the WWDC at least. The major updates coming with this include better SiriKit and HomeKit capabilities. The biggest difference will, however, be made by multi-user profiles that will be coming with latest HomePodOS 12.

    1. Hardware Updates

    Traditionally, hardware is not the focus of WWDC events and that’s exactly going to be the case with this event as well. Earlier rumors suggested that Apple will be introducing the latest iPad Pro and MacBook Air at this event but that didn’t happen and Apple has everything safe in store about the hardware and we’ll be expecting it to pop out at the next event.

    These are not all, in fact, there are many more updates and announcements to come. So, just stay tuned and keep looking for the updates from Apple’s event.

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