Apple Beta Software Program – Everything You Need To Know

Apple, the biggest technology brand in the world, is always looking to improve its users’ experience by continually introducing new updates both in its software and hardware products. Every year, there are quite a few new updates brought to its operating systems. However, with all the upgrading work going on, it is very much possible that things may go wrong with any update that Apple releases. So, in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience to the users, there is rigorous testing done internally as well as publicly. Besides, Apple takes refuge in the Apple Beta Software program and releases new updated software in incremental Beta releases to ensure that any possible bugs are located and fixed before the final public release of the software. To find out more about Apple’s beta program, let’s dig a bit deeper into it.

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What Is Apple Beta Software Program?

As said earlier, Apple Beta Software Program allows users to test pre-release software. Anyone who participates in the beta testing can give their feedback on usability and quality of the software which, in turn, helps in identification of issues. Apple then fixes these issues and makes next release of the software better than the previous one. Keep it in mind here that public betas are not released by Apple for commercial use and, therefore, they may be prone to errors and inconsistencies. There may also be different performance issues as well. So, it is important that if you choose to be a part of the beta software program of Apple, you should take backup of your device on iTunes or Time Machine prior to the installation of beta software. You may not need to create backups for Apple TV, however, because the purchases you make there and any other TV data is stored on cloud by default.

A word of caution here is to install all beta software on your secondary devices so that you may not end up ruining everything should there be any issues in the beta release.

What You Should Know Before Getting On The Apple Beta Software Program?

Before you get on the Apple Beta Software Program, there are quite a few things that you should be aware of. Let’s take a look at them.

  • First and foremost, remember that you can’t go back once on the program unless you have backed up your device. Once you’re on a beta software, you may not be able to roll back to previous versions. Even in case of leaving Apple’s beta program, it is possible that you remain stuck at the same beta version till the time Apple releases a final public version for that software.
  • Beta versions are actually the test versions. So, they are bound to have some sort of flaws and bugs. It is very much possible that the system may crash and you may experience severe data loss. So, continuous backups are strongly recommended using Time Machine and iCloud.
  • Due to unreliable and buggy nature of beta versions, it is recommended that beta versions are installed on non-essential devices. Alternately you can make new partitions and use the dual-boot options.
  • There are constant updates released for every beta program as new improvements and tweaks come out. So, you should always be ready for many system updates.
  • Though not obligatory, your feedbacks are always important for Apple to improve each iteration of the beta software. That’s probably the essence of being beta tester and the whole program in first place. So, if you’re not ready to share feedbacks then you might want to reconsider joining Apple Beta Software Program in the first place.

How To Get Public Betas From Apple?

When you join the beta software program of Apple, you have to enroll your Mac, Apple TV or iOS device for accessing public betas that are rolled out from Apple, and any subsequent updates, through iOS Software Update, tvOS Software Update or Mac App Store directly.

How To Give Feedbacks To Apple?

How To Give Feedbacks To Apple-Apple Beta Software Program - EverythiApple has its own Feedback Assistant App that comes built into macOS and iOS public betas. You can open this app from Home Screen of your iOS device as well as from Dock if you are using a Mac. This app can also be accessed through help menu in any app just by choosing Send Feedback option. If you are on a tvOS public beta, your feedback can be submitted using the app on an iOS device that is already enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program. In case of any issues or if something doesn’t work as you might expect, you can directly send your feedback to Apple through Feedback Assistant.

Eligibility Criteria For Participating In Apple Beta Software Program

Well, there is no specific eligibility criteria to participate in the Beta Software Program of Apple. The program is open to everyone having a working Apple ID and who accepts this program during sign-up process. If you’re already using iCloud account, it will serve as your Apple ID and you should be using that for participating in the program. However, if you don’t already have an account on iCloud or any Apple ID other than that, just create one with a simple sign up process now.

So, if you want to participate in Apple Beta Software Program, get your device enrolled today and not only access the beta versions of latest upcoming releases but also contribute to the community with your precious feedback. Get on with it now, and if you have any queries do ask us in comments below.

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