Apple Event 2017 – Major Releases From Two Events Conducted In 2017 By Apple

    Apple conducts several events every year in which it comes up with new releases and announcements for the year. It’s been a common practice on part of Apple and is carried out for years. The popular events include the WWDC, the spring event and the one in September where new hardware is launched. Talking about the Apple Event 2017, all these events took place this year as well and there were some really amazing announcements and releases that came forward to hit the fancy of iOS and Mac users. There were many advances made to the technology and the users were given something to enjoy a cutting-edge experience. Let’s take a look at what Apple came up with at its different events in 2017.

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    Apple Event 2017 – WWDC

    This Apple event 2017 was held in June and as usual it was more focused on software upgrades and releases from Apple. Here Apple announced everything from new watchOS version to new iOS, macOS and some new hardware as well. The event held in June 2017 and witnessed huge response from the audiences. Let’s take a look at the major announcements that Apple came up with at WWDC 2017.

    1. iOS 11

    iOS 11-Apple Event 2017 - Major Rel

    iOS 11 was probably the biggest upgrade that was announced at the WWDC Apple Event 2017 and it came up with quite a lot of new features and improvements. It was the much anticipated release of the year and was in talks for quite long. Besides the most highlighted new features like Siri improvements, iMessage inclusion to iCloud, person-to-person payments with Apple Pay, etc. there were some low amplitude features introduced with iOS 11 as well including Kannada, Malayalam, and Odia keyboards, spoken captions for videos, Arabic font, Spotlight tab in News, File sharing in iCloud, markup & screenshots, NFC reader, one-handed keyboard, remote iCloud backup, PDF accessibility, and screen recording among many others.

    1. watchOS 4

    The latest iteration of Apple Watch operating system, the watchOS 4 was among the highlights of the WWDC 2017. The new operating system came with plenty of new features including new upgraded Watch Faces, activity alerts, heart rate alerts, Flashlight, and app grid customizations. Users could enjoy an all-different experience on the new watchOS and it allowed for some developer tools as well.

    1. macOS High Sierra

    macOS High Sierra isn’t really a major update to the previous version of macOS but still it comes with quite a lot of improvements. The highlight, however, was the support it has to offer for various VR technologies. Some other improvements and new features include HEVC Support, Apple File System and Better Graphics. Besides, there were some updates made to the apps like Photos, Safari, Mail, iCloud Sharing, Notes, and Siri.

    1. New Macs

    Among all the software upgrades and announcements, there were some hardware announcements at this event as well. The first of them was the introduction of new Macs. Apple announced updated versions of MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMacs. Some feature highlights of these devices include Kaby Lake processors, powerful graphics and extended memory.

    1. HomePod

    Apple also used the stage at WWDC 2017 to announce its new smart speakers called HomePod. The new Siri-based speaker from Apple is quite powerful and adapts to the surroundings where you have placed it. It can be connected to yourApple Music app to give you instant access to world’s biggest music catalogs. The Siri-compatibility allows you to control Homepod with your voice commands in the most natural way possible. What’s even better is that several HomePod speakers can be connected wirelessly and they can work in unison to produce best sound you might have ever heard.

    1. iPad Pro

    iPad Pro-Apple Event 2017 - Major R

    Another major announcement at Apple Event 2017in Junewas the change in iPad Pro models. The new one Apple announced was iPad Pro 10.5” model. It features a more powerful True Tone Display with ultra-low reflectivity and 600 nits brightness. The same improvement came with the display of iPad Pro 12.9” as well. The redesign of iPad Pro Retina display sets a new standard altogether.

    There is improvement made to the camera systems as well with new iPad Pros featuring cameras Apple introduced with iPhone 7. Affinity Pro allows for professional image editing with these powerful iPads from Apple which are, probably, more powerful than many laptops out there in the market. The processing was also given a boost from previous models with A10X processors.

    1. Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality-Apple Event 2017 -

    Apple also gave account of its virtual reality efforts at this Apple Event 2017. With VR coming to Macs, the demo at the WWDC 2017 was the stepping stone in letting Mac users know how powerful their Macs have become over the years. There was a full-fledge demo in which a virtual environment similar to that of Star Wars was created. The demo involved the use of Thunderbolt 3 GPU from Sonnet, 15” MacBook Pro, and AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics card. The support for external GPUs in new Macs actually makes for amazing VR-capable graphics.

    iPhone X Apple Event 2017 In September

    The second Apple Event 2017 was held on 12th of September 2017 and it witnessed the release of iPhone X, Apple’s 10th Anniversary iPhone and arguably the most-awaited release of the year. However, it wasn’t the only release from Apple in this particular event and there were some other announcements and releases as well. All these are detailed below.

    1. iPhone X

    iPhone X-Apple Event 2017 - Major R

    iPhone X remains to be the flagship iPhone that was announced at September 12 event by Apple. There are a lot of special features that came with this 10th anniversary iPhone from Apple and they include OLED display, Face ID – the new security mechanism –a more powerful A11 Bionic processor chip, 12-mp dual lens rear cam with dual OIS, support for 4K videos at 60 fps, wireless charging, augmented reality and much more. It really has given a paradigm shift to iPhones.

    1. iPhone 8

    Besides the high end iPhone X, two more iPhones came this year and iPhone 8 was one of these. This iPhone boasted its smart appearance with glass front and back, True Tone HD screen, speedier GPU, A11SoC with 6 different cores, 12-mp camera, better color saturation and portrait mode for giving sharper foregrounds while blurring the backgrounds, digital zoom, augmented reality and wireless charging following same standard as iPhone X.

    1. iPhone 8 Plus

    The last iPhone on the list is iPhone 8 Plus that came with a bigger size as always. This iPhone model offers full HD 5.5” display which is quite close to that of iPhone X. Besides, there is more powerful A11 Bionic chip as in iPhone 8, 12-MP dual lens camera – dual lens is what sets it apart from iPhone 8 –augmented reality and wireless charging support.

    1. Apple Watch Series 3

    This Apple event 2017 also marked the release of an all-new Apple Watch Series 3. The new Apple Watch comes in both cellular and non-cellular devices. You can use it just the way you use your iPhone. So, interact with Siri, make phone calls, and send messages all from your wrist. You can even enjoy playing Apple Music on your Apple Watch when you don’t have your iPhone around.

    1. Apple TV 4K

    Apple TV 4K-Apple Event 2017 - Majo

    Apple released Apple TV 4K as well on September 12. The new Apple TV comes with support for HDR and 4K videos. Besides, Apple has launched 4K content on iTunes as well giving 4K TV users access to the highest quality video content right there. Support for HDR 10 and Dolby Vision are among the highlights of this device.

    1. iOS 11 and watchOS 4

    Both these operating systems were announced by Apple at the Apple event 2017 in June and Apple made them public with all their improvements on September 12. The public release came after a range of beta versions release subsequent to their announcement back in June. The features were refined and the bugs were all fixed prior to the public release.

    So, this year was really full of new releases and announcements from Apple and each Apple event 2017 really made its mark on the history of the brand. This was all for year 2017 and now all eyes are on the Apple event 2018. So, stay tuned and watch what Apple has got up its sleeves next!

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