Apple Event 2018 – 5 Major Announcements Apple Made At The Education Event In Chicago

Apple Event 2018 - 5 Major Announcements Apple Made At The Education Event In Chicago

Apple recently conducted its annual Spring event but this time it was Chicago to host the Apple event 2018. The event was hosted at a local high school where Apple promised to shift its focus to education in the coming years. Previously, the education market is dominated by Microsoft and Google and now, with Apple jumping into it, we can expect more stiff competition. The keynote event only took one hour this time around and, for most part, it was about what users can be able to do with the new iPad that Apple has just announced. So, let’s find out what else was there at first Apple Event 2018.

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5 Major Announcements From Apple Event 2018

So, here are the latest announcements that Apple made at the Spring event in March.

  1. The Education iPad

The Education iPad-Apple Even

As mentioned earlier, most of the event was about the latest and affordable Education iPad model that is expected to come with stylus support. The iPad will only cost $299 for the schools registered with Apple’s program. However, if anyone else wants to buy this new gadget, they’ll have to bear $329 in terms of its cost which is kept the same as 9.7” iPad that Apple introduced last year in a similar event.

One of the biggest updates to the new iPad model is that it can now work with Apple Pencil which was earlier supported by iPad Pro only. Also, it will now be selling at $10 less for teachers and students.

The Education iPad will feature HD FaceTime camera, Touch ID, A10 Fusion SoC, and an 8mp rear camera. As for claims, the new iPad will offer 10 hours of active battery timing and there will also be an LTE version too.

  1. LOGITECH Crayon Stylus

While Apple’s new iPad work with Apple Pencil, users can still buy it separately. However, the price remains the same and it will be $89 only for students. But wait, there’s a cheaper alternative that Apple introduced at its recent Apple event 2018. It’s a third-party stylus that works with iPad and it will be available under the label Logitech Crayon. Available only for $49, Crayon comes with colorful orange bands which appear to be more playful as compared to original Pencil stylus.

LOGITECH Crayon Stylus-Apple

According to Apple, an iPad case sold at $99 will also be made available by Logitech and it will be accompanied by some keyboard component that features a rugged design.

  1. iWork Updates

iWork Updates-Apple Event

Apple also announced a new iWork version at its recent event. This new version will offer support for the Apple’s stylus i.e. Apple Pencil. For instance, the Pages app will come with a new Digital Book Creation tool which can be used by students and teachers for creating books by adding handwritten notes, pictures and some useful hand-drawn illustrations. With Numbers, lab reports can be created now and the Clips app will be getting some latest kid-friendly filters for encouraging them to be more expressive than ever.

What’s even better is that documents mark up capabilities will also be available to teachers now on the Pages app. It can be done with Apple Pencil now and things would be pretty much similar to what they used to do earlier for grading papers.

  1. Classroom Management Applications

Classroom Management App-Apple event

As per the announcements made at Apple event 2018, the new Education iPad from Apple will also feature an app called Schoolwork. It will allow teachers to have digital classroom management capabilities. With the app, teachers would be able to assign tasks, like homework and activities, to their students digitally along with setting up due dates for each project. The assignment option is made similar to writing emails and will come with options like PDF attachment possibilities and the links to new projects. For the management of these documents, student iCloud accounts will be updated with default 200GB storage. As far as teachers are concerned, Apple continues with the Apple Teacher program which shows different options for using apps in classroom as well as rewards badges once the job is accomplished.

  1. Everyone Can Create

Now, all these recent updates from Apple are part of its new initiative that goes by the name “Everyone Can Create”. According to this new initiative, new iPad will be the creative classroom gadget where students can learn and be expressive.

There are four areas included in the curriculum: video, music, drawing and photography. Apple will be taking advantage of tools like GarageBand and Clips for pushing students and helping them create some digital stuff at an early age. Now, that’s something interesting for a demographic growing up in the era of Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram that prove to be their primary entertainment source. AR apps can also be taken advantage of for illustrating and envisioning science and math concepts. Besides, app can also be used for creating audio reports.

The preview of “Everyone Can Create” is already available while the summer will see its full rollout. Schoolwork will be available this June as well.

So, despite the fact that Apple event 2018 keynote didn’t go over an hour, we still have quite a few exciting upgrades coming through. Just stay tuned and enjoy what we have at hand.

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