Apple ID Website To Be Launched To Allow Users Download Data And Delete Accounts Permanently

61. Apple ID Website Launched To Allow Users Download Data And Delete Accounts Permanently

Bloomberg lately reported Apple is all set to launch a new Apple ID website that will be dedicated to managing different Apple IDs. The website will let users download all the data that might have been stored by Apple or some app about the device and its user.

This data will include contacts, calendar information, photos, and also the application or system level preferences. Besides mass data downloading feature, the users will also be able to carry out some of the mundane tasks like correcting their personal details, disabling Apple ID, and even deleting things permanently.

Apple is coming up with all this in compliance to one of the latest laws which will be effective in Europe from 25th of May. Called ‘General Data Protection Regulation’, this law will regulate the way companies handle data.

The report says that the latest tools from Apple can be expected to see an initial launch in Europe during May and will be introduced internationally at some later stage.

Along with the Apple ID site, new iOS 11.3 comes with some privacy improvements as well. There are new splash screens which show up when you’re using Apple’s apps. They present complete information about the data being collected by Apple and the purpose for which it is used.

It’s been long since Apple has been advocating users’ privacy as well as that of their data. However, that’s something which can affect some of the services being offered as well. For instance, Siri isn’t equally capable as its competing offerings and that’s because it can’t access some data needed for offering a better feature-set.

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