Apple Set To Introduce TrueDepth Camera & Face ID In Its 2018 iPad Pro Line

    There are speculations and rumors going around that Apple’s latest iPhone X won’t just be the only latest hardware from Apple to offer Face ID as the company is set to bring the feature in its 2018 iPad Pro line as well.

    Ming-Chi Kuo Reveals TrueDepth Camera Coming To 2018 iPad Pro….

    TrueDepth Camera & Face ID

    A research note coming from Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities reveals that Apple internally plans on equipping its 2018 iPad Pro line with the TrueDepth camera that will in turn enable Face ID on the new tablets from the company. And, obviously, it will be the first time that Apple’s tablet will get to taste Face ID.

    Recently, Apple took the opportunity at September 12 event to introduce its high end iPhone X model one device’s 10th anniversary. There were many new things that came with the high end release of the year and the most prominent of them all was that Apple got rid of physical Home Button from its iPhones and Touch ID went along as well. However, Apple used this opportunity to introduce a new high-tech camera experience capable to deliver advanced face recognition capabilities. The new feature is what Apple calls Face ID and, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, that same hardware is expected to be introduced on iPad Pro in the bid to keep experiences consistent on multiple devices from the manufacturer. However, the analyst is of the view that it will be purely limited to Pro models to give premium experience.

    We predict TrueDepth Camera will be coming to iOS devices in 2018F and it will include the iPhone X as well as new iPhone/iPad models of 2018. We believe due to this increasing number of developers will start paying attention to applications related to TrueDepth Camera or Facial Recognition. The major promotion for facial recognition apps from Apple will encourage Android camp as well to dedicate more and more resources for development of hardware and the facial recognition apps.

    One thing interesting about the research note and Kuo’s prediction is he believes emergence of Face ID and TrueDepth in the iOS devices would pump Android-powered hardware manufacturers to start taking this technology seriously. It won’t be long before we have Android hardware offering such polished experience. However, Kuo is also of the opinion that TrueDepth hardware from Apple is about two and a half years ahead of everything else out there.

    Apple’s iPhone X hasn’t yet made its way into the market, and users haven’t yet got the taste of Face ID. We’ll have to wait to find out what they’ll think about the facial detection features of Apple when new iPhone starts shipping from 3rd of November. It won’t be wrong to say, however, that above predictions from Kuo will actually be true.

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