Apple Introduces iOS 14.7 Release Candidate Before Its Public Release

    Apple has released a new update to the iOS 14.7 beta version, and it’s probably the Release Candidate for the new upcoming iOS that is ready to rest.

    The update is available for download now and the developers can get it through the normal Software Update mechanism if they have installed the necessary beta profile. The update can also be downloaded on the devices that are running a public beta of the software already.

    The latest release notes from Apple include all the changes they have made in the latest update to the iOS, including MagSafe Battery Pack support that has just been announced by Apple. Those willing to use this new battery pack feature should have iOS 14.7 installed on their devices.

    Here’s the complete list of changes:

    • Support for MagSafe Battery Pack in iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 Pro/ iPhone 12 Pro Max/ iPhone 12 Mini
    • Option for combining credit limits and sharing a co-owned account with existing Apple Card users added to Apple Card Family
    • Timer management on HomePod now available in the Home app
    • You can now opt to see just followed shows or all shows in the podcasts library
    • The Maps and Weather apps now offer air quality information for Canada, Italy, France, South Korea, Spain, and Netherlands
    • Apple Music doesn’t have the Share Playlist menu option anymore
    • Apple Music and Dolby Atmos lossless audio playback can stop unexpectedly
    • Some iPhone 11 devices might not show the battery service message after reboot previously, but it’s been restored now
    • Invalid information may appear in Braille displays when composing Mail messages

    It’s probably just a matter of a few days before Apple rolls out its iOS 14.7 update, particularly because the MagSafe Battery Pack will be available for sale in the coming week and will need the new iOS to function.

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