Apple Might Change The Naming Convention From iOS to iPhoneOS Leaker Suggests

We’re going through the unprecedented times as the normally tight security at Apple being defeated as most of their developers and engineers are working from home now.

In this unique environment, we are seeing more leaks coming through and the latest one came from Jon Prosser ahead of the WWDC. Prosser said that Apple will be renaming iOS to iPhone OS at the event. Note that space between iPhone and OS.

Well, that’s all Prosser said. His only 2-word tweet that came out read like “iPhone OS”. It is assumed that the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer is planning on using the new naming convention. Previously, Apple did used a similar name for iOS when they said it iPhoneOS and, therefore, it is not too unlikely for that branding to make a comeback.

However, we’re not so sure what Apple will be planning for iPod touch then!

It is also likely that Prosser has it all wrong here even though he’s been impressively accurate in the past with his leaks.

Apple announced the iOS 14 during WWDC opening keynote event on June 22. However, things didn’t came as suggested in the leak from Prosser and the newly announced version was still iOS 14.

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