Apple Reveals Release Date For Apple Pay Cash On Its Official Website

    Apple Pay Cash, Apple’s inter-person payment system which was first introduced by the company in June this year at the WWDC event, is expected to come somewhere in October. The speculation is made based on an entry present on web page of the Apple Watch Series 1.

    When Will Apple Pay Cash Arrive Officially?

    Apple Pay Cash

    Actually the feature was set to arrive with watchOS 4 and iOS 11 launch initially, but as both these software are publicly available now, Apple is planning on releasing it somewhere late in October.

    The feature, when it will finally arrive, is expected to let users send/receive secure payments through Messages or Siri on their iOS device. The money that is sent through Apple Pay Cash will deduct from a debit/credit card while the money that will be received through this same channel will go in a Wallet entry as Apple Pay Cash card. If someone intends to use the received amount in the form of actual cash, they can withdraw the amount to a bank account.

    As Apple has already released watchOS 4.1 and iOS 11.1  betas, Apple Pay Cash doesn’t seem to be around as yet. However, that’s something which might need switching on server-side, the possibility that it can appear in these two versions of OS can’t still be ruled out.

    As mentioned on the webpage of Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Pay Cash can be expected in almost a month’s time. However, the web pages related to Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone at are still suggesting that Apple Pay Cash will be available by this fall. So, the differing statements on these web pages really give Apple some room to improvise with the release date, but the fact that Apple is not consistent in its message spread across its product pages makes things interesting.

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