Apple Releases Video Tutorials For iOS 11 And Updates Swift Playgrounds, iWork Apps And Test Flight 2

Last few days have really been important for Apple as it has introduced many new offerings including iPhones, Apple Watch, and upgraded Apple TV. Besides, it has also released an all-new software in iOS 11 as well.

As new hardware won’t be shipping until the end of this week – or not till November in case of iPhone X – all the focus is on software right now. And, there are quite a few updates that Apple has already released. There’s an update to TestFlight 2, Swift Playgrounds which now includes support for AR, and there are updates made to iWork apps (Keynote, Numbers, Pages) as well with support for new features in the latest iOS 11. There are some how-to videos published by Apple about the new features of iOS 11 as well.

 Apple Releases Video Tutorials For iOS 11 And Updates Swift Playgrounds, iWork Apps And Test Flight 2


As for the TestFlight 2 update, it now comes with new icon for the app and there are 3D Touch features added as well. The app also manages beta versions installation outside of App Store.

Here is all you can find in the Version 2.0.0

  • The update includes user interface redesign for iOS 11
  • In app list you can find apps that are being tested currently, the ones that were previously tested (including removed and expired apps), and the apps that aren’t compatible with the device that you’re using
  • When you first open TestFlight app after the update, you’re welcomed with an all-new welcome screen
  • 3D Touch can now be used onTestFlighticon for redeeming a code or updating all the apps
  • It now supports split view as well

Now, let’s talk about Swift Playgrounds. The tool for development learning from Apple has been updated to offer ARKit support. It allows everyone using the app to be part of a challenge which includes augmented reality, effectively updating this tool for aligning it with what Apple as well as third-party developers are currently focusing on.

Here is all you can find in the Version 1.6

  • The new AR challenge makes use of ARKit for showing Byte’s virtual world inside a real world
  • iPad camera is now accessible from the code
  • Errors that might exist in the code are explained more clearly
  • The code can now utilize iOS 11 SDK and Swift 4
  • The new app languages and Learn to Code 1 lessons now include: Italian, Spanish (Spain), Dutch, Korean, Chinese (traditional), Thai, Swedish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Turkish

* For making use of ARKit features, you must have a 5th generation iPad or iPad Pro running latest iOS 11 from Apple.

Lastly, let’s come to the iWork apps suite that includes Keynote, Numbers and Pages apps. The iOS treatment given to iWork now allows for new features in iOS like drag/drop and there is integration of Files app as well.

Also, Apple has released some how-to video tutorials in the bid to help users in learning how they’ll be able to use the iPads and exploit them completely after installing latest iOS 11. There are some substantial changes coming along to how users can interact with their iOS 11 iPads and in these how-to tutorials there are shown all new gestures that will be required for tweaking around the new iOS. The videos also highlight some third-party applications to give developers some much-needed boost.

So, check out these videos and get yourself acquainted with all the updates that Apple has come up with.