Apple TV Apps – How To Move, Delete And Quit Your Apps

    The 4th-gen Apple TV offerssupport for app store, and a few pre-installed Apple TV apps. There are so many third-party applications that can make your life exciting by allowing you to play games, browse recipes, watch movies and do many more things. These apple TVs are also accompanied by smartest Siri remote ever, allowing you to easily navigate through different options. However, with all the variety of apps available for Apple TV, one may also need some sort of organizing to enhance their overall experience. Go through this short guide and you’ll be able to better use your Apple TV.

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    How To Move Your Apple TV Apps

    Apple TV Apps – How To Move, Delete, Quit And Rearrange Your Apps

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    In order to rearrange or move your best Apple TV apps, follow the steps given below.

    1. Use the touchpad on your Siri Remote for selecting the icon of app you want to move, Click it and Hold (If you are using third-party controller, select icons with D-pad and then press A and hold)
    2. Once your app icon starts jiggling, release the finger (or A button)and use the pad for moving your desired app wherever you want on the Home Screen.
    3. After moving the app to the desired location, click again (or press the A button) for exiting the Edit mode

    How To Quit Apps On Apple TV

    How To Quit Apps On Apple TV - Apple Tv Apps

    If you want to quit any app on your Apple TV, here is the procedure to follow:

    1. Go to Apple TV Home Screen by pressing Home button
    2. Double-press Home button for entering the multitasking mode
    3. Swipe right or left for selecting your desired app
    4. Now swipe upwards for quitting the app
    5. Again press Home Button to go back to Home Screen

    How To Delete Apps From Apple TV

    If your apple tv apps list has become too extensive or you just simply don’t want a few apps anymore, you have the option of deleting apps from the apple TV as well. Here are the steps to follow.

    1. Select icon of the app you want to delete using touchpad of your Siri Remote, then click & hold it. (D-pad can be used on third-party controller for selecting icons and then A should be pressed & held)
    2. Next, press Play/Pause button (for third-party controllers it will be X button)
    3. Finally, press delete

    So, it’s just a simple guide to help you get better control of your apple TV apps. With these simple steps given for performing each specific task, you can manage your apps on the apple TV far better than before.

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