All That You Should Know About An Apple Watch Backup

    If you have any kind of confusions about how you can be able to backup the data and the settings on your Apple Watch, just sit back and relax. When you connect the Apple Watch to your iPhone, most of the work is done for you. Let’s get into the details of how it all works.

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    How Often Is Apple Watch Backed Up By iPhone?

    Apple says the process is automatic and we think it is pretty much same as iCloud Photo Library and other similar services. What this means is that whenever the devices get into the range of each other, they stream data between them. Theoretically, there should be a Bluetooth connection established between the watch and the iPhone for information transfer.

    Does Watch Backup Reside On iPhone?

    Yes it is true that your watch backup resides on the iPhone you have but it doesn’t just stay there always. If you take iCloud/iTunes backup of your iPhone, all the data on the Watch backup is stored on the new iPhone backup. So, all you have to ensure for keeping your Apple Watch data safe is that you take regular backups of your iPhone and that’s it.

    Is It Possible To Send Backups Of Apple Watch To Some Other iPhone?

    That’s probably not possible unless you restore the new iPhone from the backup of your previous iPhone on which the Apple Watch was initially backed up. Otherwise, you will need to set your Apple Watch up with this new iPhone as new device.

    What Contents Of Apple Watch Are Backed Up To iPhone?

    Given below is the detail of all the items that are backed up to your iPhone from Apple Watch:

    • General settings, like watch face, brightness, sound, haptic settings, and known Wi-Fi networks
    • Time Zone
    • Language
    • Settings for Stocks, Calendar, Weather and Mail
    • Health & Fitness Data, like history, Activity and Workout calibration information, user-entered data, and achievements
    • App-specific settings and data, like distance, units and Maps

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    Keep in mind, however, that if you want to backup your health & fitness information then you should be using iCloud or encrypted backup on iTunes.

    What Contents Of Apple Watch Will Not Be Part Of The Backup That Goes On iPhone?

    Generally, Apple Watch doesn’t backup anything to iPhone that is security-focused or data-intensive. Specifically, here is what’s not backed up from your Apple Watch:

    • Bluetooth Pairings
    • Credit/Debit cards that are used for the Apple Pay payments
    • Playlists synced with Apple Watch
    • Passcode that you use for Apple Watch

    If you intend to unpair the Apple Watch and re-pair it, local music will have to be put back on your device. You will also need to re-enter the Apple Pay cards as well as setup your passcode again.

    So, that’s all about the Apple Watch Backups and you can simply connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone for backing it up. Probably, there is nothing else that you need to do.

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