Apple’s Final Cut Pro Softwrae For Video Editing Expected To Shift To A Subscription-Based Model

    Final Cut Pro – Apple’s professional video editing software – is probably going to turn into a subscription-based software.

    According to Patently Apple, the software’s Nice Classification has changed to Class 42. What’s worth noting here is that Class 42 generally includes software as Saas, or a service. A similar example of this type of software is the Office 365 of Microsoft where users have to pay a monthly subscription fee for accessing apps like Excel, Word, etc.

    This classification change might mean that the Final Cut Pro software is also moving in the same direction.

    Currently, Apple’s prime video editing solution is priced at $300. It might sound costly at first but then you realize that it’s a business software often used by YouTubers and video production companies.

    It is unlikely that the software manufacturer is switching to a subscription-based model just for increasing their revenue. Rather, it is likely that they are going to add new assets or features to the software that will be available for a monthly payment as suggested by MacRumors.

    “With a subscription, Apple theoretically could offer subscribers access to original content, such as in-depth tutorials, walkthroughs, or exclusive videos/sessions with prominent video makers who use Final Cut Pro as part of their workflow.”

    For now, however, there is nothing evident and very little information is available in this regard. We look forward to more updates on this in due course.

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