Apple’s Upcoming iPhones Anticipated More Than Samsung’s New Smartphones – Survey Report

A recent survey on the smartphone industry has revealed some interesting facts as it appears that the demand for 2018 iPhone line would be more than the competing products. According to the report a massive 42% of the consumers are anticipating the new iPhones from Apple while only 24% have decided to put their trust in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 that has recently been announced.

The survey was conducted by PCMag which included 1,555 respondents and aimed at determining the smartphones that most people are looking forward to in 2018.

From the 1,555 respondents who took part in this survey, 42% said that they were really excited about the next-generation hardware from Apple. The lineup is expected to include iPhone 9, iPhone SE 2 and iPhone X Plus. Even though nothing is certain about the naming convention that Apple is going to take this year but consumers seem to be quite excited on what’s probably coming their way.

As mentioned earlier, 24% of the participating audience was of the view that they’re anticipating Galaxy Note 9, the latest Android phablet hardware that Samsung had announced at the recent Unpacked event that took place in the New York City. Samsung will definitely hoping that the demand for the new hardware goes a lot higher as compared the existing flagship devices coming from the brand i.e. S9 and S9+.

However, after the major share being grabbed by Apple and Samsung, the numbers started to decline rapidly as only 7% of the surveyors suggested that Pixel 3 from Google is what they are looking forward to. Similarly, 2% of the surveyors were interested in buying One Plus 6T, 4% wanted to go with LG V40, and 11% of them said there were not really looking forward to any such smartphone coming up.

Another interesting fact that was revealed in this survey was that it also checked the devices being currently used by the respondents and, surprisingly, 8% of those 24% looking forward to the Galaxy Note 9 were currently using iPhones. Remember, however, that this survey represents only a small number of smartphone users but extrapolating those numbers definitely reveals that Samsung might be able to grab a few who have decided to convert from iOS ecosystem to Android as soon as they release Galaxy Note 9 in the market.

At a recent press event, Samsung took the opportunity to announce Galaxy Note 9 but Apple hasn’t even sent official invites for the iPhone line announcement yet. However, the new devices can be expected to be unveiled early in September. Ever thought which smartphone you’d have gone with had you been a part of this survey? We’d love to know that if you can share it in comments below!