Be Cautious of this Tricky Netflix Phishing Scam

    Phishing scams are large in number and one of the most recent we have viewed is convincing the Netflix Customers to believe that their accounts have reached their “expiration” with an option of extending their membership without charge for 90 days. Have a look at the tips and details on how to help family and friends stay protected.

    Be cautious of this tricky netflix phishing scam

    By coincidence, I received this phishing email two times in the previous week. It seems to be authentic in the first look that consists of Netflix Branding and App icon.

    It is also quite well-written without major typos and mysterious wording. There is a fake disclosure at the bottom saying that it is certified as not a spam.

    However, even if you are aware of how to tell the difference between scam emails and authentic ones, it is better to be informed of what’s making the rounds to warn family and friends.

    Validating a Phishing Scam:

    • Extraordinarily good offer- this phishing scam states that you can declare a 90-day extension for free- that’s a little puzzling because several steaming services will present an attractive offer to entice you to come back, but 3 months is a little strange.
    • The Netflix accounts do not expire usually but the phrases used in the scam intend to worry the users
    • While the email’s name is shown as arriving from Netflix, a click or quick tap can reveal it’s not coming from a domain of Netflix-ensuring the scam
    • One more red flag, under the “Extend For free” button asks you to enter your credit card

    Do not click links or buttons when in doubt- proceed directly to the service or website to review your account status by manually entering the address in your browser.

    Have you witnessed this phishing email as well? Or something alike? Do tell your thoughts in comments.

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