Top 10 Best Apps For iPhone And iPad

    If you are a new iPhone/iPad user, you’ll find some native apps included in your device that are all set to be used without any kind of further downloading. However, these are only a few apps that may not allow you to do everything you want to with your device. Rather, you’d need many new apps for iPhone and iPad to be downloaded to your device to make full use of your new gadget. Here are some of the best apps that you must consider.

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    10 Best Apps For iPhone And iPad

    Here is our top 10 list of best apps for iPhone and iPad that will definitely take the iPhone/iPad users by storm. Take a look at these amazing apps and consider having them on your iPhone and iPad.

    1. Flickr

    Flickr - Best App for iPhone and iPad

    Flickr is the way to go for avid photographers, especially those who have that nag of continuously uploading their photos publicly online. It is really a great app for iPad users in particular because of the wonderful experience it provides when it comes to viewing and sharing photos. For using this app you should have your own Flickr account. If you haven’t signed up yet for Flickr, just download the app and you will have the option right there.

    1. Scrivener

    Scrivener - Best App for iPhone and iPad

    Scrivener is a great writing app that allows you to split the manuscripts into several blocks. Available for the iPad and iPhone users now, the writers will definitely cherish the features that this app has to offer including scriptwriting, separate trash cans according to document types, etc. Though it’s not a cheap app to have on your device, but still it’s worth to spend money on if you’re a serious writer.

    1. ZCast

    ZCast - Best App for iPhone and iPad

    Are you an amateur podcaster? If you are one, you’d definitely love to have ZCast on your iOS device. With this simple app you can now broadcast right from the smartphone. ZCastconnects Twitter and the messaging software of its parent company to help many podcasters like you to thrive by reaching out to new audiences. A handy feature is that co-hosts can also join in live when they are on location.

    1. Whim

    Whim - Best App for iPhone and iPad

    Whim is the best app for dating addicts. It removes all the hefty legwork from the process allowing you to simply swipe around and find your potential partners. Once you pick your partner, the app gives suggestions for locations on a particular night depending on the preferences and calendars of both the daters.

    1. Pure VPN

    Pure VPN - Best App for iPhone and iPad

    You can’t find a better alternative if you want to browse privately on your iPhone or iPad. With its 750 plus servers, it’s a perfect VPN for those who stream lots and lots of content.

    You can even have the luxury of saving your preferred servers on Pure VPN, letting you to connect instantly to those servers as soon as you change your location. Also, the inbuilt features of Pure VPN allow it to switch automatically to servers that are fastest optimized in a particular location. The widget that accompanies this app makes it simple and straightforward to connect to the Pure VPN servers.



    Furthermore, the app allows VOIP calls as well so that you can make your viber and skype conversations more secure no matter where you are.

    1. Fretello

    Fretello - Best App for iPhone and iPad

    If you have a musician inside you then let it come out with Fretello. The app helps you to become a guitarist and make your dreams come true. Just take the practice sessions to begin with. You will be taking several sessions every week to make the process easier for you. With Fretello you can master basic skills like progressions and major/minor scalesand can even make the app your listener for getting personalized reviews and practice routines.

    1. Airtime

    Airtime - Best App for iPohne and iPad

    Sean Parker is the name behind Airtime. It’s the same Sean Parker who was behind Facebook and Napster as well. Airtime is, in fact, re-launch of a video-chat service from the past.

    Earlier it used to be web-based and now it takes the form of mobile video-chat app that allows groups of up to 6 friends to video chat and also listen to the streaming music.

    1. Peak

    Peak - Best app for iphone and ipad

    It is probably one of the finest brain-training applications available to the iPhone/iPad users. Peak features a great collection of various mini-games that include various subjects like memory, mental agility, language, attention and so on. In fact, you can play more than thirty different brain-games and the variety you can find is immense. And if you subscribe to it, you can be able to play these games whenever you may like with personalized daily workouts. The paid version shows more stats as well.

    1. The Stream App

    The Stream App - Best App for iPhone and iPad

    Have you ever found yourself asking your friends over and over again for those photo uploads on Facebook? Well, you don’t have to do that anymore with The Stream App available for your iPhone and iPad. The app generates your event-specific streams allowing you to automatically upload the photos of your group as you take them. So, it’s a great app to have on your iPhone/iPad with its wonderful features.

    1. Replay

    Replay - Best App for iPhone and iPad

    If you are into video editing and want to download apps for iPhone and iPad then Replay is probably the best choice you can make. It can handle most of your work as it comes with some great in-built music. The app can automatically pair your videos with suitable tracks and you have to do nothing at all. It only takes a few clicks for editing the feel and pace of your videos as well.



    So, choose one of the top rated apps for iPhone and iPad from our top 10 list and enjoy adding new features to your little gadget. You’ll surely love the experience.

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